Stop Hating On Artists For Making Art Out Of Their Own Sadness

Do you remember being a child in school, reading about past events, and feeling absolutely disgusted by the actions of our ancestors and the ridiculous, awful things that we did to each other throughout history? I do. Do you ever think about all of the embarrassing things that future generations are going to one day read about us in their history books? I do. One of the many embarrassing staples of our current society is the way that so many people are always judging and hating on artists for making art out of their sadness. It’s embarrassing how people who have not developed the ability to express themselves or their emotions are so hateful towards those who can.

For many artists, art is their coping mechanism; they use it to process their emotions. Therefore, their art often reflects their trauma. They choose to write, compose, construct, or create something out of their feelings instead of just suppressing them and smoking weed, drinking, or doing drugs to numb them like society has conditioned most people to do. Of course, many artists still partake in those kinds of behaviors recreationally, but the difference is that they still know how to process, honor, and validate their own emotions instead of pretending they do not exist. Some people find this intimidating.

Artists choose to use their experiences and emotions to create something that other people can relate to and find comfort in during the ups and downs of their own emotional journeys throughout this life. For some reason, that seems to really bother many non-artistic people. The thing is, you really shouldn’t criticize other people’s art if the only thing you’ve ever created out of your own sadness is a fist-sized hole in the drywall or a puke stain on the carpet because you were too fucked up from running away from your own feelings all night to make it to the bathroom. Many artists may use their hands to express what they are feeling, but their creations don’t involve cuts or bruises on other people’s skin. An artist’s feelings may rush out of them all at once and come out a bit messy, but at least the stains that they leave behind are relatable, and in that relevance, there is beauty. If you cannot grasp the truth within their art, then grasp this: There is a reason why critics are merely critics and never artists. Those who cannot create, criticize. 

Stop judging artists for finding their outlet and start your journey towards finding your own. If you’re lucky, you might even find something worth healing for. You might even inspire others to heal along the way.