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Taking Comfort In The Hope Of Someday

I had to get out and escape the confinement that these four walls impose on someone’s soul.

The summer night air fills my lungs and I greedily take it in. The night is so peaceful as the moon hangs quietly in the sky.

The only sound in the air is my footsteps and the gentle humming from a fluorescent arcade sign. The old building brings back old memories, of trapper keepers and lockers, of stolen kisses and first heartbreaks.

That’s when I feel it, so soft and gentle like a lover’s caress—it excites me! The wind bellows and the grass swings and sways in response to the wind calls. Trees shiver as if awoken from a restful nap.

Some pull up their collars and turn against it, covering themselves, trying to escape the touch of the wind.

The wind blows and I see colors in it, I see the trees tremble as if to shake the sleep off of themselves. I hear the harmonious symphony they create. Almost as if I can see the music, the wondrous melody unfolding in front of me. Causing chair reactions from inside of me, little hairs on my neck and arms raising with goosebumps, like that small nudge from the wind opened up something lying dormant inside of me, begging to be awoken.

I want to give myself to the wind’s pull, escape this life, and drift far from here, farther than my Converse All-Stars could ever carry me. To places far from this town and its all but forgotten memories.

I can feel it, the fire inside of me, warming every cell in my body provoking me to let go, to surrender all of myself to the siren song.

My eyes snap open and the wind dies down; I look to the moon but silence is all I get in return. I need to walk back, even with my heart pulling in the opposite direction.

Deep down, I want to follow my heart’s wishes and succumb to the wind’s captivating calls, but the ugly truth rears its head and I have to quiet my spirit, taking comfort only in the hope of someday.