Pavel Danilyuk

Tarotscope For Today: Tuesday, April 9, 2024


Your Card: Queen of Swords

Think wisely before you act, Aries. The Queen of Swords visits you this Tuesday. Your energy is sharp, precise, and concise. Others may feel entitled to your time or energy, but your desire to set boundaries is valid. If someone wants to pick your brain or ask of any intellectual labor, you can always say no. Professionally, make your limits known. Interpersonally, don’t be afraid to let others know what’s truly on your mind.


Your Card: Six of Swords

Transitions are uncomfortable. It’s valid to crave familiar grounds. At some point though, change is inevitable. Today, you must make a decision between staying in the discomfort of your current state or making some temporary sacrifices in order to grow. Moving on comes with a lot of internal battles. Whether it’s seeking a better job, relationship, or way of living, know you have what it takes. While it may be an unideal to begin the journey, your future self will thank you.


Your Card: Ten of Wands

You’re completing a cycle today. Gemini, you like to keep things lighthearted. However, don’t give up! Even though it is challenging, finish what you’ve started. Perseverance is your key to success. The weight of your current reality is real, but you can drop the baggage soon. The finish line is on the horizon. While it can be tempting to turn back, doing so would discredit how far you have come. The labor you’ve invested will free you. One final push.


Your Card: The High Priestess

The world is yours. But only if you’ll listen to your inner voice within for guidance. If you’d like to have all of your desires, you must lean into the mystery. While today will challenge you to get out of your rational comfort zone, lend yourself to the ebb and flow. Give up the idea that you need a structured game plan to attain your desires. Surrender. As you listen to the enlightened insight of your higher self, all will be revealed. This Tuesday cannot bring you simple answers. Life will feel like a riddle. Play along. Your instincts are sharp even when your mind is at rest. Listen.


Your Card: Three of Swords

Disappointments are inevitable. Whether today brings you a minor sting or a full blown heartbreak, extend yourself compassion. You haven’t failed if you have tried your best. Rejection is always redirection. Trust that the Universe will redirect you to greater outcomes and opportunities. Allow the pain to visit and then let it go with the wind. Better days are ahead. However, how you handle your defeat today will show you if you’re ready for success in the future.


Your Card: Five of Pentacles

Any losses are temporary. While today may not financially go in your favor, money always comes back. Use this as a lesson on savings and educating yourself on making the most of your current situation. While this is a practical setback for many Virgos, some may feel this is more of an emotional response. Abandonment issues can spark, leading you to see the world through a distorted lens. Know your worth. If you’ve felt left behind, challenge yourself to not internalize it. 


Your Card: Four of Swords

Sometimes, it’s best to keep pushing in order to accomplish your tasks. However, today is not one of those days. Rest is essential to your success. Should you force yourself to make decisions or remain too busy, you’ll hit a wall of burnout. It’s okay to pause. Taking time to contemplate will lead you to long-term success. Your mind cannot see clearly until you shift your focus from the external to the internal. Take the time to catch up with yourself. All else will fall into place. 


Your Card: The Fool

A leap of faith today will catch you when you fall. You don’t need to know the next ten steps ahead. All you need to succeed is trust in your vision. Hope renews your spirit. As you venture into uncharted territory, trust in yourself. You have the tools and resources within to get through any challenge. As you may feel naive or inexperienced at moments, the only way out is through. Your optimistic nature will luckily smooth over any bumps in the road.


Your Card: Knight of Cups

You’ll charm yourself to get exactly what you want today, Sagittarius. The Knight of Cups promises opportunities. In particular, romantic encounters go smoothly. Flirting, playfulness, and creativity heighten. Asking your crush for their number or wooing your established partner brings sparks. Your ability to maintain emotional composure gives others the impression that you are cool, calm, and collected. Your aura is like an aphrodisiac. Use it wisely. 


Your Card: The Moon

Things feel undefined today. Rather than trying to force an outcome or answers, go with the flow. Your anxiety or fears may peak. Trusting in the unknown is a tricky art that requires emotional resilience. However, be rest assured that the mist will dissipate. You cannot control the weather. Similarly, you cannot predict yours or others emotions. Allow people to be, the same way that you can’t help but watch the rain fall whenever the clouds decide. Something larger than you is at work. Trust in it.


Your Card: Justice

Today, karma takes over. Matters are out of your hand. Your only task is to stay on course, prioritizing integrity above all else.  Should you ignore your moral compass, you’ll feel the weight on your shoulders. However, if you have been true to your word, things can turn around today. Observe the cycles that repeat themselves on this Tuesday. When you remain balanced, you can make decisions from a fair, detached point of view. 


Your Card: Eight of Swords

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that you feel stuck today. Life feels limiting and it’s hard to break free from your circumstances. The good news is that things are not as bad as they seem. Should you try to break free, you’ll notice that the handcuffs that bind your wrists weren’t fully locked together. Shimmy a bit, allowing a positive attitude to empower you. As the chains clink to the floor, you’re free to walk away. You do not have to tolerate what is holding you back. Simply, let yourself walk away. Don’t carry the heaviness