Mikhail Nilov

Tarotscope For Today: Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Table of Contents


Your Card: Ace of Wands

Today brings hope and renewal. The Ace of Wands visits, ushering in exciting new beginnings. The Wands represent ambition, creativity, and drive. Swift movement and instincts take over, leading you toward your desires and intentions. Be present. As much as you want to plan each step, your best bet is to take matters step by step. Living in the moment allows you to reach your potential.


Your Card: Ten of Cups Reversed

Sometimes, we avoid confronting reality. It feels simpler to comfort ourselves with a lie. Today, you must look at your circumstances head-on. Pretending or ignoring issues will not help resolve internal conflict. Relationship issues must be addressed. While it’s easy to get lost in rose-colored glasses or overly giving the benefit of the doubt, remain true to yourself. Your emotional needs are valid. There’s no need to kid yourself. 


Your Card: Justice

Fairness is essential. We cannot avoid the balancing scales of Justice forever. Karma has its time and place. On this Wednesday, you reap what you’ve sown. If you’ve held yourself accountable to your morals, it should feel peaceful. However, if ethics have been swapped for temporary satisfaction, lessons will be learned. Pay attention to how matters unfold. It’ll clearly tell you if you’re on the right path or need to course correct.


Your Card: Two of Swords

It’s time to take the blindfold off. Look at your environment with a detached, fair assessment. Making a decision has become important. While exploring your options has a time and a place, now is the time to face your circumstances. You cannot avoid your responsibilities any longer. While it may feel overwhelming initially, ripping the bandaid off will liberate you from unnecessary anxieties. Better days are on the horizon. First, you must take care of business.


Your Card: The Devil 

Is your happiness in your own hands? Or is it reliant on an outside, unpredictable source? Today, it’s time to evaluate your coexistence. Codependency drains you of your energy. To revitalize your spirit, know when and where to set boundaries. Examine where you feel reliant in a limiting way. It may be correlated with an unhealthy dynamic, habit, relationship, or mindset. Nip it in the bud. Don’t waste precious time associating yourself with negativity.


Your Card: Two of Pentacles Reversed 

Reclaiming your power becomes essential today. The Two of Pentacles reversed shows you’ve been on autopilot too long. Are your days starting to feel like they’re blending into one? Does life feel like it lacks purpose? Pause. Take a look around. How can you reclaim your agency? Where are you giving your empowerment away to external excuses? 


Your Card: Ace of Cups Reversed

To achieve the harmony you seek, it’s time to embrace new beginnings. You’re likely clinging to a connection or relationship dynamic from the past. It’s time to heal. Welcome new ways of perceiving love and care. Whether that entails starting fresh in your quest for love, finding more compatible friends, or simply redefining existing connections, start now. You’re craving more than you’re currently experiencing. You desire and deserve more.


Your Card: Five of Wands 

You cannot force others to see your point of view. Forcing precious energy trying to get people who aren’t receptive to understand you is out. Walking away from petty battles is in. Pick your battles wisely. As you observe bickering with others, stay out. People are not open-minded at the moment. Wait it out for the fiery energy to pass. In turn, you’ll save yourself a lot of pointless headaches.


Your Card: The World

It all clicks into place today. The World shows an era of completion. All areas of your life feel balanced and in equilibrium. Your only job is to enjoy the ease and flow of events. This big-picture, zoomed-out moment allows you to see clearly. Your hard work has led you to this moment of peace. As you consider your future, goals and dreams feel aligned and possible.


Your Card: Nine of Pentacles

Knowing your worth is a magnet for success. Today, the Nine of Pentacles visits. Confidence is your birthright. Lean into its fullest expression. You’ve built strong structures within yourself. Now, it’s time for your external reality to reflect this inner work. Continue to keep your eye on the prize. Temptations arise. However, you have what it takes to pass the test. Don’t bite. Keep your sights set high.


Your Card: Three of Swords Reversed

Avoiding pain doesn’t stop it from happening. All it does is limit us from being present for joy and happier moments. Today, it’s okay to let yourself feel it all. The disappointments and heartbreaks are temporary. Resisting your human emotions only creates unnecessary suffering. Look at hardships as redirection. There’s far more awaiting you on the other side of healing. Know you’re capable and worthy of more. 


Your Card: Page of Wands 

A new wave of motivated energy washes over you. The Page of Wands represents a fresh mindset regarding creativity, passion, and movement. You’re ready to explore. While you may not know what’s to come, you feel optimistic and confident in your ability to learn and grow. Trust this urge. It’s okay to take calculated risks. Life without inspiration is stagnant. The calling towards exciting opportunities will lead you to higher heights.