Josh Hild

Tarotscope For Today: Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Your Card: Five of Swords

Today, you must honor yourself enough to not accept disrespect. There’s an openly wrong circumstance. Mistreatment shouldn’t be tolerated. If you ignore these loud warning signs, you’ll be shocked later on. Trust your discernment. The key to your liberation is setting boundaries or walking away from unnecessary aggressiveness. Someone’s ego is fueled to the brim and needs to be humbled. That’s not your problem to deal with.


Your Card: The Star

This Wednesday offers you profound hope. A long, unresolved stressor is alleviated. Your higher perspective allows you to see situations as they truly are, rather than feeling trapped or suppressed. Rejuvenation, regeneration, and revelations find you. All you need to do is be receptive and optimistic. Rather than holding onto fear, lean into hope. It’s not naive to expect the best-case scenario at this point. It’s the bravest thing to do.


Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

You’re on the track towards success, but you feel how far you have yet to go. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Growth takes time. It cannot be forced. To quell imposter syndrome, take some pressure off of yourself. You don’t need to act like a novice when you have experience. But you also don’t need to pretend you’re an expert as you’re building credentials. Your professional life can grow when you admit you don’t know it all and have more to learn.


Your Card: Six of Cups

Sweet, nostalgic energy warms your heart. Your sweetheart may surprise you with loving displays of affection. Single Cancers may find a deeper connection with their family and loved ones. As you glance backward, you find groundedness in where you are today. After all that you’ve endured or overcome, you’re still the same kid at heart. Someone special, who has witnessed your growth, feels closer. Reminiscing on the good times, gratitude surrounds you for the community or care you’ve fostered.


Your Card: Six of Pentacles

Giving is a love language. When you help others, it brings you grounded joy and a deeper sense of connection. The same is true for accepting support from others. The expectations of today are going to humble you. Breathe deeply. You shouldn’t do it all on your own. You probably cannot. If you want to take your growth to the next level, utilize your resources. Teamwork can resolve all of your problems. Don’t let your ego stop you from reaching out.


Your Card: Nine of Pentacles

You’re in your element. The Nine of Pentacles is self-assured, confident, and determined. In its garden, abundant harvests have flowered from hard work. Therefore, today’s card reminds you that you’re on the right track. Your efforts are paying off. As you tame your inner shadows, you’re feeling more capable than before. Self-doubt melts off your shoulders. You remember who you are, what you’re worth, and how far you have come. Challenges cannot hinder you.


Your Card: Death

It’s okay to admit that things have run its course today. It’s time to say goodbye to an old version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. Whether you find that your love, career, or personal life needs a revamp, a welcome change. Resisting transformation will hinder your growth. The next chapter requires a vision and self-identity. While circumstances that worked for you once upon a time are valid, they aren’t strong enough to reflect who you are today. Let go. Release. Be reborn.


Your Card: King of Wands

You’re feeling proud, outspoken, and dynamic today. Your vitality and energy are through the roof, as your confidence encourages you to reach higher heights. The sudden energy shift may attract attention from other strong personalities. You’re meant to lead, not follow on this Wednesday. To take the back seat and let someone drive the course of your life would be a great waste of your power. Empowerment finds you. Welcome its wisdom.


Your Card: Seven of Wands

You’ve fought long and hard to get where you are today. However, it’s time to let go of your tight grip. External circumstances may trigger you into survival mode this Wednesday. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. While your determination to self-preserve is valid, be careful of imagining challenges. There may be no harm intended, where you have perceived a slight due to your past. Continue to conserve your energy, nonetheless. Not every battle is worth fighting. 


Your Card: Justice

There’s a temptation today to ignore your morals and to go for what’s easy. However, you know better than to do so. To be successful, your integrity is key to long-lasting fulfillment. Justice is necessary. Do not turn a blind eye if you see something you know you should speak up about. Accountability is necessary to restore the balance. If you have done wrong, make it right. If you witness it in another, find a productive way to confront the challenge wisely and maturely.


Your Card: Five of Cups

Your sense of loss is real. However, it is only temporary. After you grieve this hurt or disappointment, you’ll come to find there’s still a silver lining. In the meantime, it’s perfectly normal to dive deep into your feelings. There’s no sense in faking that you’re okay when you know you’re not. Your sadness or defeat must be felt to heal. Put on your favorite sad song or tearjerker movie and let the tears flow. You’ll feel much better after you release.


Your Card: Six of Swords

To reach better days, it’s time to embrace change. Today, you’re in a transitionary period. You know there’s more on the horizon to look forward to. That doesn’t change the fact that you have to go through the discomfort of the unknown here and now. This Wednesday asks you to be gentle and compassionate. As you embrace the unknown, respect your bravery. You don’t need all of the answers. You just need to trust your journey.