Los Muertos Crew

Tarotscope For Today: Wednesday, April 3, 2024


Your Card: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups visits you today, Aries. What do you long for? This card tells you that you can have all you wish for and more. A new beginning washes over your life on this Wednesday. Your relationships level up. Your intuition is sharp. Your feelings are balanced and fair. This chapter is allowing you to balance your intellect with your instincts, creating favorable results. Healing, renewal, and hope is yours.


Your Card: Nine of Wands

Your mind is on alert today. Nine of Wands colors your day with defense hues, seeing the world through a narrow lens. You’ve fought long and hard to get where you are in life. The last thing you will allow is lost progress. While your confidence is impressive, avoid hypervigilance. Sometimes, we create self-fulfilling prophecies by building high walls. Rather than push away, create healthy boundaries. This brings the safety net you need without creating tension.


Your Card: Strength

You’re on top of your game. Gemini, your card of the day is Strength. You’ve tamed your inner beast, allowing it to feel safe in your embrace. Rather than shaming your inner child for shouting out, you’re supplying them with the compassion needed to heal. Dispelling fear, self-control is your greatest asset on this Wednesday. This gentle, disciplined energy illuminates all. Optimistic opportunities bring auspicious results. 


Your Card: Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands will fly into your realm today. Cancer, your attitude is positive. This makes all the difference. A swift approach coupled with direct communication opens doors. If you’ve been awaiting results, expect good news. This card is a sure sign of growth. While things are moving fast, trust that these shifts are all for the best. Rather than waiting for the perfect time, strike now while the iron is hot.


Your Card: The Tower

The Tower finds you today, creating stark mood shifts. The air may feel heavier than usual. While this sounds daunting, trust that any unexpected shifts can be used to your advantage. If you surrender to the Universe, letting go of what no longer serves, more ease can wash over you. On the contrary, resistance and forcefulness is your greatest enemy. While today may not be the best day ever, it allows you to clearly identify the issues in your life. Break the pattern and let go.


Your Card: Three of Cups

Today feels like a party or celebration. Your friendships may be blossoming. Office companions may feel more comfortable and chatty around you. Female family members may reach out to connect with loving insight. The Three of Cups lends a jovial community. You’re far from alone. Act on this card’s advice and find the beauty in the mundane. Take each moment and savor its sweetness.


Your Card: Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups colors your Wednesday. Your hopes are high, asking you to dream bigger than you can imagine. Your heart is full of love, asking you to connect with those you’re closest with. Romance may be peaking, as sweet surprises or dates await you. Even relationships with family may reach ideal milestones, expanding familial or domestic harmony. The energy is uplifting, encouraging, and invigorating. Just remember that as picturesque as things appear, effort will be required to maintain this peak going forwards.


Your Card: The Hermit

It’s okay to need a day to collect your thoughts and feelings. You’re being spiritually called to do the inner work. The Hermit visits you this Wednesday. Solitude, reflection, and introspection can do wonders. If you’re signed up for social plans, consider taking a rain check. You’re feeling soulful. In order to hear the wisdom of your spirit guides, it’s time to pause. Get away from the world. Turn down the noise. As you create a safe space for profound revelations, they will be sure to seek you out.


Your Card: Three of Wands

Three of Wands reminds you that you’ve put your best work forwards. While you cannot rush the process, your part has been completed. You can be rest assured that what is meant for you will find its way to your shores. This card is excellent for professional growth and achievements. You’re truly capable of dominating your challenges and excelling your goals. However, when it comes to interpersonal matters, be cautious. Only patience can bring the connection with others you desire. Forcefulness halts intimacy.


Your Card: The Moon

The emotional waters are murky, making it hard to make out reality from fiction. The Moon is illuminating your Wednesday, showing your confusion. While you want to rely on your intuition, you may also be prone to overthinking. Take a breather. As moods shift, remain grounded in your being. Making choices from an anxious state of mind isn’t the answer. Seek the clarity you need, whether it is in a relationship, situation, or internal dilemma. Remain curious rather than assuming. Your worst fears are likely not true.


Your Card: Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles encourages collaboration today. As much as you may want to master your craft on your own, you’re stronger with teamwork. There are connections who seek to support you. While it’s humbling to accept aid, accept it. Know that you can pay it back going forwards. Equip yourself for success. How? By coming to terms where you’re limiting yourself by being hyper individualistic. 


Your Card: Page of Swords

The Page of Swords finds you today. Its sharp insight sweeps through the air, cutting out confusion. While your experience may feel naive or short-lived, trust your instincts. Listen to your voice. Your opinion and thoughts are just as valid as anyone else. As you express your sentiments, conviction and clarity follow. A new beginning arrives. New skills and information need to be inquired about or learned. However, it’s exciting to feel liberated and capable. Changing your mind frees you.