Anna Tarazevich

Tarotscope For Today: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Table of Contents


Your Card: Queen of Pentacles

You’ve planted seeds in the past that begin to bloom today. All hard work is paying off. Feeling in your element, your professional growth is apparent. Know your worth. As today brings abundant results, it isn’t from sheer luck. You’ve put in the hours. The time you’ve sacrificed, energy invested, and dedication is rewarded. 


Your Card: Ten of Pentacles

Today, it all feels right. Congratulations are due in multiple ways. Your career is stable. Love feels secure. The long-term goals you have in mind are beginning to manifest. There’s little that can get in the way of your growth. As you experience an auspicious day, remain grateful for it all. The best things in life take time. You’re surely on the right track. Therefore, be present for each mundane moment along the way.


Your Card: Eight of Cups Reversed

Anxieties and fears are overtaking your mood today. Remember to keep your cool. Fears of abandonment may be apparent. The genuine concern of loss weighs heavily on your heart. Don’t jump to conclusions. While change is necessary, it can be in a calculated, controlled manner. Leaving everything behind isn’t your only solution. In fact, if you remain open-hearted, you’ll find that transformation is all that’s needed.


Your Card: Three of Swords Reversed

Resisting heartbreak and disappointment only prolongs our pain. There’s no need to make yourself suffer. Today, it’s time to confront reality. While your heart longs for one thing, the truth is another. The sooner you accept the inevitability of loss, the quicker you can heal. Overcoming your challenges today involves getting out of your own way. Comfort zones may seem appealing. But there’s stagnant energy, preventing your fulfillment there.


Your Card: Five of Wands 

Conflicting attitudes cause clashes today. While you can’t discredit your opinion, don’t get lost in pointless ego battles. Pettiness will get you nowhere fast. De-escalate tensions. Everyone can see things differently and still have a valid point. As you try to work toward compromise as opposed to others giving in your way, you find more productivity. Collaborating comes with sacrificing unimportant desires at times.


Your Card: Queen of Wands Reversed

Do you remember who you are? It’s time to check back in with yourself today. You may feel stressed, leading you to become short-tempered or reactive. Take a breather. While you may want things to move quickly, patience is part of the process. No shortcut can bring you your desires. The only way out is through. Therefore, try to remain centered. Find confidence within yourself as opposed to external results or connections.


Your Card: Page of Pentacles

There’s a new beginning in your life today. A seed is planted. With the Page of Pentacles, a stable, consistent opportunity is presented. However, you’ll need to remain humble. Likely imposed with a beginner title or mindset, you’ll have to learn the ropes. You won’t master your craft or assignments today. Allow someone more experienced to guide you. Measure your success by how much effort you exert.


Your Card: King of Cups Reversed

While connecting with others, don’t forget yourself. The compassion you’re extending should be returned. When we don’t hold space for our emotions, they end up pouring out at inconvenient times. Today, allow yourself to feel it all. Communicate your concerns or woes. Otherwise, passive aggressiveness or jadedness can cause interpersonal tension.


Your Card: Ten of Swords

You’ve reached the end of the line today. Whether it’s time to quit a job, jump ship on a connection, or end a heavy cycle, it’s time to admit you’ve hit a dead end. Let it be. While it may feel that you’ve hit rock bottom, this is temporary. The pain passes. In turn, you’re left liberated and freed. No longer plagued with scattered thoughts or overthinking, your mind can begin to focus on what matters most.


Your Card: Nine of Cups

A wish is fulfilled. The Nine of Cups represents your day. Therefore, your desires are beginning to blossom. There’s luck, expansion, and abundance in your lap. Take the time to soak in the good vibes. This card represents overall luck. With little effort, you’re able to attract your intentions like a magnet. As you achieve it all, remain humble and grateful. Otherwise, you’ll feel unsatisfied no matter what!


Your Card: Knight of Wands Reversed

Saying one thing and doing another doesn’t gain the trust of others. Amid your own challenges, don’t forget to remain considerate. A blind spot may be preventing you from exercising discernment today. Check-in with others. Extend your care. Don’t allow life to make you feel self-righteous or jaded. You need loved ones just as much as they need you.


Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

Don’t worry about what’s next. Be here, now. You’ve come so far. You’ve got more to go. While you may experience instability today, you can find true comfort within. Being your own rock keeps you strong amid challenges. Those who succeed always persevere. Meanwhile, when you give up, you can write yourself off right before things are about to get good. Keep consistent.