Gantas Vaičiulėnas

That Feeling When Things Finally Fall Into Place

When life feels like one boxing match after the next, you sometimes forget that there is a rainbow coming after the rain. When you are stuck in the thick of it, it is hard to remember that the grass can be greener on the other side. If you just keep your head down and keep pushing through, life will reward you, right?

That’s how I lived my life for so long. Almost to the point where I think I looked for it. I began to thrive in the chaos, because it was all I had known for so long. So when things were flowing effortlessly and seemed easy it felt like something was off. But in reality, I was just used to a lifestyle that offered me speed but not substance.

When I began to slow down and take a different turn, I noticed good things would happen even without my immense effort that sometimes felt so tiring. That feeling when things finally fall into place, is one I struggle to describe. It’s like watching your production take place on stage, or the first bite of the delicious meal you just prepared for hours. It is so fruitful. It is so exciting. It is so rewarding.

What I soon noticed was that yes, my hard work was paying off finally, but it was also happening because I deserved it. For so long, I believed that other people deserved things that I didn’t. Like making a higher income, having the house, the relationship, the whatever! I placed so many limiting beliefs on my own life. I limited what I could do because I truly believed that even if I wanted it, it wasn’t for me.

When things you want, things you manifest, and things you work hard for start coming to fruition at first, my reaction was like, “Me? Are you pointing at me? This is all for me?” Now my reaction is, “Yes, this is for me! Give it to me! I deserve this!” Swapping those limiting beliefs, paired with hard work, manifestation, and some good old just believing in yourself goes such a long way it’s almost scary.

Creating the mindset that you can have anything you want in this world is such a powerful one. And a beautiful one. But the most beautiful part of all is knowing that you already hold all of that within you. And you get to decide the life you want. You get to decide the life you want to live. You get to decide how you will get there. It all starts and ends with you. And when it all starts and ends with you, that feeling when things finally fall into place is the most gratifying one of all.