10 Unbelievably Sexy ‘Bridgerton’ Quotes That Aren’t Gentlemanly At All

Here’s the thing about the viscount Anthony Bridgerton: He will say “I am a gentleman” when he means exactly the opposite of that. We spent the entire second season of Bridgerton watching him lust over Kate in a way that made us all sort of wish we could be the bane of someone’s existence—because really, what could be hotter?

If you haven’t been able to get Anthony’s love (and lust) confessions out of your head, this one’s for you—all the steamiest lines from the viscount himself.

What is it, do you think, that you do to me?” — Anthony, after Kate says she vexes him—and I am guessing his answer is not “vexed”

“I am a gentleman… and my heart is with your sis—” — Anthony, trying to ignore the sexual tension but clearly unable to finish the sentence that will keep him away from Kate (as a gentleman does, I suppose)

“Do you think there is a corner of this earth that you could travel to far away enough to free me from this torment?” — Anthony, absolutely BURNING for Kate

“I am a gentleman. My father raised me to act with honor, but that honor is hanging by a thread that grows more precarious with every moment I spend in your presence.” — Anthony, knowing fully well he is not a gentleman

“You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires.” — Anthony, being a poet

“Do you even know all the ways a lady can be seduced? The things I could teach you?” — Anthony, putting me in an absolute chokehold

“If I wed your sister, it will bind me and you together for eternity, and I will spend every day of my marriage wanting you, dreaming of you, dreading the day when my last thread of honor finally snaps.” — Anthony, somehow making cheating on your sister with you sound sexy

“Do you think that I want to be in this position. Contending with these thoughts of wanting to be nowhere except with you. Wanting to run away with you. Of acting on the most impure, forbidden desires, no matter how much I must remind myself that I am a gentleman and you are a lady.” — Anthony, ready to risk it all just to go down on Kate

“That scent. It has remained imprinted on my mind ever since that night of the conservatory ball on that terrace. Lilies.” — Anthony, finally admitting he’s a feral lil freak who can’t get enough of Kate’s scent (as if we didn’t know)

“I will stop.” — Anthony, after passionately kissing Kate
“Do. Not. Stop.”
— Kate, finally deciding for the both of them that it’s time to stop denying their INSANE sexual chemistry

Honorable mention: Anthony Bridgerton’s heavy breathing in nearly every episode.