The 3 People You Should Always Thank For Changing Your Life

We often relate any event that doesn’t coincide with what we have planned as something bad, something unfortunate, something that makes our life miserable. We get sad, frustrated, and depressed. We try to fix things, insisting on our own version of what should be. The first thing we think when we go through these events is failure.

We seldom pause, see everything that happens in a holistic view, and trust in the One above that all these are already in His great plan and nothing we say or do can change it. Most of the time we pray that He should change whatever is happening and whatever will happen rather than depend on Him. We think too highly of ourselves that we can do everything in our own strength.

I’m not writing this one so you can read a sermon. Nor is this a biblical meditation. This is, however, a reminder that there are three types of people who we encounter in our difficult times, and to that person who who left us or put us in a difficult position, rather than hold a grudge, hate, or abhor them, let’s thank them instead for what they’ve made us to be.

So these are the three types of people we encounter in our difficult times that we should never forget.

1. People who helped us during difficult times. 

If you believe in God, you should know that God doesn’t send any challenges that we cannot overcome. He not only gives us strength in facing hard times but also provides us with people who can help us get through it. Difficult times are called difficult because they’re never easy. Things will never be comfortable in that situation. However, you know you can conquer it because there are people who do not hesitate and voluntarily reach out to you.

2. People who left us in our difficult times. 

We should also thank those people who left us in our difficult times. It’s the only way we can filter those people who are friends to us only in good times but also the bad. All relationships go through phases, and if they’re only with you when they’re happy or when things are better, then that relationship may not be genuine after all. Reality will remind us that life is not full of flowers and butterflies. That it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Life is both easy and difficult, comfortable and upsetting. We sometimes stick to people who don’t really care about us, and it is only during difficult times that we see their real intention with us.

3. People who put us through difficult times. 

Lastly, we should not only thank those people who put us through difficult times, but we should also never forget what they did. It’s the only thing that will make us learn our lesson. When a misunderstanding or disagreement happens, it’s not only one party’s fault. It’s both of you. And whatever happened, it taught you both how to deal with these kinds of situations moving forward. That difficult time taught both of you that maybe, you’re both better apart from each other.

No matter what we face or encounter, we should always try our best to look for a silver lining. Yes, it is important that we grieve or we take time to feel the pain and hurt it caused. But what we should never, ever do is to dwell on it. Let’s cry and drown all those difficult moments in tears and get back up. We only have one life to live. We should not waste it on people who don’t deserve it.