The 3 Stages Of Falling Out Of Love With You


(trying to understand)

did your eyes lose their breath at the mere sight of her

like they never did with me

melt down to their very core

and ooze out every last bit of color you held for me there

did you cry me out in tears

let them hit the ground

so they could at least return back home to me

or did you just simply wipe me away

smear me across your face

so that she could see that she was replacing me

because although you have returned to me

I cannot seem to find the radiance that used to be there

that flash of light when they danced across my face

I can see that I am gone

no remnants that I was ever there

that they are now half filled with a color I cannot name

and they are thirsting for more of which I cannot give

that she has become the tragic magnet

pulling you closer towards the death of our love


(letting you go)

each and every star died

the day I told myself I could no longer love you

the sky wept them into the sea

drowning them

and extinguishing their light

for she had no reason to keep them anymore

 nothing more worth burning for


(a new beginning)

you thought that you had ripped out my heart

it must have made you feel good

didn’t it

thinking that you took the last thing I had left

that you had the upper hand

knowing you had finally done the one thing

that would kill me

but you have always been so blind

you could not even see

it was your heart that had been there all along

my own flesh and bones protecting your selfish

hopeless heart

you had given it to me

or don’t you remember

a distraction for me from all your lies

convincing me that I had you

so when you did pull it from my chest

the pain was debilitating

I barely survived

but all you had really done was rid me of yours

and reveal mine

my beautifully golden


loving heart

which only then I had realized

never belonged to you