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The 3 Types Of Love You’ll Experience In Your Lifetime

There are three types of love you have in your life and they all teach you something different about yourself. And they are all equally important. I’d like to talk about those three loves today.

Your first love typically happens when you’re very young and is usually very sweet. It’s something you look back on and smile. This love shows you how you should be treated. You are devastated when it ends because your first love is intense, as is your first breakup. It’s tough. But over time, you look back on it and smile. You’re thankful for it in the end because of what it taught you.

Your second love is intense but for a different reason. You get treated horribly in this one. It’s full of betrayal and abuse. You learn what you don’t deserve in this one. You are often left feeling broken and lost, sometimes traumatized. You have to really work through this breakup. It hurts more than anything you could possibly imagine. You end up remembering it all too well.

You may take time to heal after this one and you may eventually give up on love after this one. You may feel like love is for suckers. You might casually date for a little bit and you may find that it hurts to open up to people. You may not trust anyone again. Or at least, you’ll think you won’t be able to. You’ll see happy couples around you and want to throw things at them. You may be jealous that other people have that and you don’t. It may hurt for a while. You’ll listen to heartbreak songs and cry it out. You’ll scream at romance movies. You’ll be bitter for a while. You’ll hate love.

And just when you’ve given up, your third love comes around, and this is the one that stays with you. Your third love comes into your life without butterflies and sparks. You have to dust yourself off from the last idiot first. You may start off being friends first. But when you fall in love, you’ll learn why it didn’t work out before and why you deserve this person in your life. You’ll finally be at peace. And most importantly, you’ll be with someone who loves you for you and doesn’t hurt you. They’ll understand that you’ve been hurt before and be patient with that. They’ll be there for you forever. They’ll be your best friend and lover all in one. It’ll make sense to you and everyone around you. And finally, your heart will be happy. You’ll understand why it didn’t work out before.