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The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To ‘Breadcrumb’ You

Breadcrumbing is when someone likes you enough to keep you around, but not enough to commit to you. Instead, they leave you with “breadcrumbs” of affection and attention to chase. It’s a way to make sure you stay interested (without any real investment on their part).

Essentially, breadcrumbing is the modern way people lead each other on. Below are the three zodiac signs who are the most likely to breadcrumb you.


Geminis are known for their flirtatious ways. They are magnetic, charming, and curious conversationalists. They’re interested in being interested, which makes them a lot of fun to talk to. But they aren’t usually committed to being committed. This is because Geminis are notoriously indecisive. They struggle to stick to just about anything, including who they may want to date. But they also don’t want to lose their prospects just in case. And so, they breadcrumb while they try and make up their mind.


A Leo is all about attention. They love to be loved and want that adoration from anyone and everyone. Leos are also vibrant and extremely flirtatious, which means they know how to make you want them (even if they don’t really want you back). These qualities make Leo the perfect candidate to breadcrumb you. They don’t mean any harm, though; they just crave non-stop attention.


A Libra is one of the biggest flirts of the zodiac and they do so effortlessly. But, like Gemini, Librans have an incredibly difficult time making decisions. They are natural people pleasers, too. This means Libra always aims to keep the peace within their relationships, even if that means not telling the entire truth. AKA “I like flirting with you but I will never date you but I will continue to flirt with you anyway.”