Awkward Expression
Andrea Piacquadio

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most Awkward In Relationships

While everyone feels a little awkward starting a relationship, these 3 zodiacs might be a bit more uncomfortable in the dating realm.


Aquarians can be awkward in relationships because they need a lot of personal space. They might not be physically affectionate and may shy away from deep emotions. As analytical and practical creatures, Aquarius can seem awkward in a relationship because relationships require them to be emotional — opening up more than they might be comfortable with. However, if trust is built and their partner gives them space to be themselves, Aquarius will start to warm up.


Virgos take their time with everything, and this includes relationships. They might seem awkward at first because they are analyzing the dynamic. Virgos do not enter relationships lightly and are very cautious when starting a new partnership. They need to feel safe. They might wait for their partner to make the first move, which can be awkward if Virgo is too subtle. If their partner is patient and understanding, Virgo will them in.


Capricorns can be analytical, hardworking, and more interested in achievements than a romantic partnership. They aren’t the most touchy-feely zodiacs and can come off as anxious. Capricorns do not waste their precious time on dates that are not going well, so they might call something off quickly if it doesn’t feel right. However, if a partnership develops from a strong friendship, a romance can flourish.