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The 6 Biggest Dating Trends Coming In 2023, According To Singles

2023 is on its way and so is a slew of new dating trends to look out for. The dating app Plenty Of Fish polled over 8000 single people in the United States to suss out what dating trends will be the most prevalent next year. Here’s what they found.

1. Main Character Energy

First up is Main Character Energy. Main Character Energy is dating from a place of empowerment, focusing on yourself, and not settling or lowering your standards for anyone. Love to see it.

2. Eco-Dumping

Given the environmental crisis the world finds itself in, Eco-Dumping is the act of dating someone (or ditching them) based on how environmentally friendly they are or aren’t.

3. Heat Doming

Heat Doming is when someone dates you for the sole purpose of using your household amenities. Think air conditioners, a pool, outdoor space, a working furnace, etc. Inflation, amirite? Speaking of…

4. Infla-Dating

Infla-Dating will be huge in 2023 because of, you guessed it, inflation. Infla-Dating involves spending less money on dates and being extra budget conscious in regard to your love life. Welcome back, Netflix and Chill.

5. James-Webbing

James-Webbing gets its name from NASA’s James Webb telescope because James-Webbing means that you start becoming interested in someone romantically after seeing through a new lens. For example, maybe you got to know them better or perhaps you saw them do something kind for a stranger.

6. OnlyPlans

Not to be confused with OnlyFans, OnlyPlans refers to someone repeatedly planning dates with you only to cancel the outings last minute. Essentially, someone OnlyPlanning you never actually follows through on any of the dates. Instead, these dates will exist forever as OnlyPlans and nothing more.