The 6 Habits That Will Change Your Life In 6 Months

1. Answer Your Deep-Seated Questions.

So often in our lives, we distract ourselves from the deep-rooted questions that constantly live within us because we are afraid to sit with ourselves and allow them to resurface. However, when you hide away from the deep questions that your soul is begging for you to pay attention to, you end up living your life on auto-pilot instead of with intention. So sit with those questions, no matter how uncomfortable they may feel in the moment, as it’s only when we aren’t afraid to look into the darkness, that we can bring forth new perspectives, new ideas, and new ways of living in order to jump into a whole new light you never knew was possible.

2. Make Self-Care A Priority, Not A Luxury.

Taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually is something that we take for granted. We allow the deadlines, due dates, and workload to consume our lives, rather than giving ourselves the much needed time to relax, recharge, and refuel ourselves. But you need to know that you do have time to take care of yourself if you choose to. Drink enough water, get plenty of sleep, move your body, and eat right. These simple acts of intention every day will make a massive difference in your life. And most importantly, remember: Live life first, then work second. We often get the two tangled up in the wrong direction, and over the course of six months, you can change your health and well-being for the rest of your life.

3. Always Be Open To Learning.

Never stop learning and growing; learn new skills, become a better version of yourself every single day, and never allow yourself to get complacent. We don’t need to be in school to learn. The world is a playground of knowledge, and by constantly engaging in tasks that challenge who you were yesterday, you will not only become more well-rounded but more confident in who you are today and who you are becoming tomorrow. If you dedicate yourself to mastering one new skill over the next six months, you may find a whole new passion for the type of career you could create for yourself over that time period.

4. Whenever You Fall, Get Right Back Up.

Failure is temporary, but only if you allow it to be. Say you’re not too fond of a series you’re watching on Netflix right now, but your friend tells you “it gets better.” Why not apply the same principle to your life? If things aren’t going your way right now, trust that things will get better the longer you stick with it. Failure is often a great teacher; what lessons and growth can you take from this temporary fork in the road? Your perspective means everything, and if you stick with one goal for the next six months and don’t give up on it, you’ll be shocked how far you can go and where it can take you. Don’t give up on what you know is right for you.

5. Set Lifetime Goals, Not Lifeline Goals.

While the purpose of this article is to create a brand new life in six months from now, the goal itself is just a means to an end. Life continues on long after you accomplish your goal, and if you don’t create lifetime goals for yourself and learn to love the process, you will find yourself still in the same unhappy place you started out in long after you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. So instead of creating goals with a small lifeline, create fulfilling goals for yourself that will last a lifetime. The things that really matter in life have no deadline attached to them—always remember that.

6. Prioritize What’s Most Important To You.

Create a vision for yourself and get very clear about constantly working at only the things that are most important in your life such as your health, your relationships, and your passions. If you narrow it down to its core, there’s really only a handful of things you need to focus on. Don’t allow the little things to deter you from what matters most. A fulfilling life is a life well-earned with a clear-cut focus on building and creating the things that truly matter to you. While this may look different for everyone, prioritizing only the things and people that are most important to you over the next six months will transform not just the way your life looks, but the way it feels too.

While these are just six habits that may help you along your journey right now, trust that your life can change all within six months if you build the right habits and intentions to help you get there. You are never stuck in life. You are never trapped. All it takes is a few daily decisions backed up by massive action to create a whole new life for yourself whenever you’re ready to. So make the decision and don’t look back. Your new life is awaiting.