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The 6 Most Important Ways To Ensure Your Relationship Is Equal

Gone are the days when women were expected to be submissive and behave like doormats. Today, women want to be in relationships where their voices are heard and they are treated with respect, just as men are. In other words, relationship equality is what drives relationships these days.

Relationship equality is one of the most important factors for building a happy and healthy relationship. It is only when both partners respect each other that a relationship will be able to stand the test of time.

However, a relationship is not always going to be 50/50 all the time. Sometimes, your needs and feelings might overshadow your partner’s, and vice versa. That is where emotional understanding and support comes—knowing when to prioritize your partner and being there for them.

In short, if your relationship has equality, then it means that both of you matter equally, and not just one of you.

Here are six ways you can build relationship equality.

1. Respect should take precedence over everything else.

Respect is a very important thing when it comes to relationship equality, and without respect, you can never have a healthy relationship. But keep in mind that the respect in your relationship should always be mutual.

Mutual respect in relationships look like this:

– Treating and talking to each other with kindness.

– Open and honest communication.

– Giving emotional and mental support to each other.

– Having and respecting the boundaries set by the other person.

– Not imposing your personal opinions on your partner.

– Listening to your partner without constantly interrupting them.

– Compromises and sacrifices are done by both the partners.

– Not taking each other for granted.

Relationships that do not have respect turn out to be unhealthy and toxic, and every good and normal relationship is incomplete without mutual respect. So always make sure that both of you are always respectful of each other, no matter what.

2. Having the same mindset towards physical and sexual intimacy.

Sex is a crucial part of every relationship, and physical intimacy is as important as emotional intimacy. That is why it is vital that both you and your partner be on the same page about it. This is that one thing that should never be controlled and forced by one partner onto the other, nor should it be used to guilt them in any way.

Studies have shown that healthy sexual communication between couples leads to better relationship satisfaction and an overall happier relationship. When you are able to talk about sex openly without feeling awkward, it brings you closer to your partner.

And while you are at it, why not make it more fun? Talk about what you like, what you don’t like, what turns you on, what doesn’t, and come up with ways to make it more passionate. Having a healthy sex life goes a long way in making a relationship deeper.

3. Understanding that both of your needs are equally important.

One of the best ways to ensure relationship equality is by making sure that both of your needs are treated equally. It feels horrible when you go to your partner with something that is bothering you and they treat it as if it’s not that big of a deal. If your partner does not care about the things that bother you, then how will the relationship survive?

Make sure that both of you never treat each other’s problems dismissively and in an insensitive manner. Learn to be open about each other’s difficulties and pain so that neither one of you feels that you are not important and deserving enough of emotional support—not even for a second.

4. Spending quality time with each other is a must.

Another amazing way of building relationship equality is by spending a lot of quality time with each other. This shows that both of you value each other a lot and love to spend time with each other. Spending quality time alone gives you the opportunity to bond better and also strengthens your relationship.

Moreover, research shows that spending a lot of time together reduces stress, bolsters relationship quality and satisfaction, reduces chances of divorce, and improves your sex life. Quality time is really underrated, and make sure that both of you never compromise on that.

5. Be equal partners in everything.

There will be relationship equality, only when you treat each other equally. See your relationship like a partnership where both of you have equal standing and importance. No one is superior to the other. Treating each other as equal partners is the secret to having a healthy relationship.

Some of the best ways to build a partnership are:

– Talking with each other about your personal lives.

– Building a relationship with each other’s family and friends.

– Contributing equally to the relationship.

– Helping each other whenever you can.

– Working together to build the life you both want for yourselves.

In a happy relationship, there is no scope of the ‘I, Me, Myself’ mentality, as there are two of you in the relationship. Support each other whenever the need arises, as that is what love and togetherness are all about.

6. Be best friends with each other.

Now, this goes without saying! If you don’t have a strong friendship with each other, then how do you expect your relationship to go the long mile? Just like you have similarities and similar interests with your friends, think about your relationship in the same way. Just like good friendships have loyalty, trust and openness, romantic relationships need to have those qualities too.

Don’t make your relationship all about romance only. Having a strong friendship helps you to open up to each other better, and also helps you to understand each other better. Be best friends with each other and just see how happy you both will be.

Try to inculcate these values in your relationship, and see for yourself just how much your relationship changes for the better. Relationship equality for the win!