The 7 Worst People To Date If Your Love Language Is Quality Time

The 7 Worst People To Date If Your Love Language Is Quality Time

People who are obsessed with their phone. You need more than a warm body by your side. You need your person to actually feel present. When they’re in a room with you, you don’t want to feel like they’re a million miles away. You want to know that they’re paying attention to you, that they aren’t distracted by someone (or something) else on their phone. You want them to be there, physically and emotionally.

People who refuse to incorporate you into their plans. When you’re dating someone, you want to get to know their family and friends too. You want to learn about their hobbies and passions and dreams. You want to be involved. If they keep you completely separate from the other people in their life, if they refuse to invite you out with their friends and only hang out with you one-on-one, you’re going to feel unsatisfied.

People who suck at texting. You want to feel like your partner is present, even when they are miles away. That’s why you prefer partners who are good at texting, who constantly keep in touch with you, who send you updates and make you feel like you’re spending quality time together even when you’re far apart.

People who are inconsistent and cancel plans. You need a partner who follows through on promises, who shows up when they say they’re going to be there. You’re not going to be happy if you’ve been counting down the moments until you see that special someone, only for them to cancel at the last second. You deserve someone who does whatever it takes to fit you into their schedule.

People who work too much. You need someone who has a healthy work/life balance. If they’re obsessed with their career and spend every spare moment working toward their goals, they aren’t leaving enough time for you. Even though their hard work and dedication is admirable, they would fit better with someone who enjoys space. But someone like you, who values quality time together above all else, would benefit from a relationship where your relationship is a top priority.

People who are picky about their plans. You would be happy to do absolutely anything with your partner, whether it’s seeing a movie they’re interested in or attending a concert you never would have went to on your own. But if your partner isn’t that open-minded, if they don’t want to be your plus-one to events, there’s going to be a problem. You need someone who’s happy to hang out with you, even if you’re simply lounging on the couch, not someone who needs to be doing something worthwhile in order to set aside time for you.  

People who only come around when it’s convenient. You need someone who sets aside time to spend with you, even if it means rearranging their schedule. Someone who values your time together so much that they’re willing to go out of their way to see you. You shouldn’t settle for someone who only comes around when the timing is right, or you’ll barely see each other at all. In order for a relationship to work for you, you need plenty of quality time.