Anastasia Shuraeva

The 8 Types Of Psychic Perception That Every Person Secretly Possesses

Did you know that there are eight different ways that you may perceive psychic energy in the world around you? It is believed that every human being possesses at least one of these forms of perception. However, the degree, intensity, and possible combination of these traits vary from person to person. Which of these forms of perception resonate the most strongly with you?

1. Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing) 

To perceive energy and information through the mind’s eye. People with this gift may receive vivid images in their head about certain situations or be exceptionally receptive to visual patterns and symbols from the Universe, such as Angel Numbers. They may have vivid dreams and daydreams, as well as a strong imagination, allowing them to manifest images and scenarios clearly in their mind, as well as reality. These people may also see blurs, figures, or shadows that others do not. People who perceive energy this way may have interest or talent in visual arts and difficulty focusing on the present moment. They may also have trouble sleeping and be prone to vivid nightmares. 

2 Claircognizance (Clear Knowing) 

To perceive energy and information through intuition or gut feeling. People with this gift have a way of just knowing things that they shouldn’t, with absolute certainty, and in a way that others do not. Words of wisdom seem to flow through them from an unknown source. Their knowledge doesn’t come from personal experience, it comes from something else outside of themselves. Others will often sense this about these people and will come to them for advice. People who perceive energy this way may gravitate toward reading and writing to gain more knowledge and let it pass through them freely.

3. Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) 

To perceive energy and information through hearing. People with this gift may often experience ringing in their ears or hear voices, music, or even footsteps without a physical source. They may be auditory learners, be drawn to music, or even have some musical talents of their own. Some people with this ability might be known for talking to themselves or hearing things that others don’t. People who perceive energy this way are most likely to be the ones who have had imaginary friends as children.

4. Clairsentience (Clear Physical Feeling) 

To perceive energy and information physically. People with this gift may pick up on others’ physical pain or lack of sobriety. These people may physically feel the pain of others or sense someone who is suffering from abuse or addiction by feeling the symptoms and side effects within their own body. Clairsentient people may start displaying symptoms of a person around them who is ill. People who perceive energy this way may often experience goosebumps or feel heart and stomach flutters when something is wrong. Some of these people can become hypochondriacs because they are unaware that their ever-changing physical symptoms don’t actually belong to them.

5. Clairempathy (Clear Emotional Feeling) 

To perceive energy and information through emotions. People with this gift often navigate the world through their interpretation of other people’s emotions, rather than their words. These people may unintentionally take on the emotions of others, and those emotions can get tangled within their own. They might not be able to differentiate which feelings belong to them and which feelings belong to other people, often resulting in moodiness. Empaths may feel drained around large groups of people and often feel stressed and overwhelmed in public. They are the type of people who are most likely to cry at movies. Children and animals are naturally drawn to them. 

6. Clairtangency (Clear Touch) 

To perceive energy and information through touch. People with this gift gain knowledge about situations from touching people or objects, also known as Psychometry. These people are most likely to form emotional attachments to inanimate objects. They are often drawn to history, thrift stores, and are most likely to be collectors. If not careful, some of the people who fall into this category may end up being hoarders. 

7. Clairsalience (Clear Smell) 

To perceive energy and information through smell. People with this gift might associate certain emotions to specific scents. They may experience smells with no source and are often the only person in the room who notices the scent, such as roses, cigarette smoke, or cologne. These people usually love working outside, around nature rather than people, due to the smelly chemicals humans are constantly consuming, wearing, or using. Unfortunately, people who perceive energy this way are prone to headaches and migraines, from not being able to control their over-sensitive nose or the scents that they are constantly exposed to. 

8. Clairgustance (Clear Taste) 

To perceive energy and information through taste. People with this gift may experience intense cravings or random flavors in their mouth without a logical source. These people may associate certain flavors to a memory, piece of history, fact, or particular location. One with this gift might taste liquor around someone and discover that person to be an alcoholic. They might taste strawberries around someone else and find out that person is deathly allergic. Needless to say, people who perceive energy this way are often very talented when it comes to working with food, and if proper precautions are not taken, they may fall victim to their own gluttony.