The Beauty Of Coming Back Home To Yourself

POV: that feeling when you are returning from an extended vacation, and although you know you will miss the Caribbean breeze and sandy shores, part of you yearns for your bed.

For that cozy spot in your room where the light shines in and perfectly illuminates the pages of your favorite novel. For that shower, THE shower, which washes away your worries, leaving you refreshed, clean, and wholesome again. For that drive down those all-too-familiar back roads singing to your favorite songs and grabbing a cup of coffee along the way. For that moment you open the door to your house and it looks just the way you left it… but changed.

Same couch, same utensils, same rug, same shoe rack, but nonetheless different. Lived. Experienced. Altered. It is as if those eight days away shifted your understanding of what it means to be home.

What the furniture, paint, and doors look like now has a new meaning. Was that chair always such a rosy red? Did the carpet always feel so fuzzy between your toes?

Remember that the peace that comes with knowing that you have your own space, on your own time, to utilize whichever way you like is simply precious. A private enclave guarded against outside pressures, stigmas, and stereotypes. A place to breathe and let loose, get comfortable, and exist.

It is also a place you do not value enough until you wander off track for a while.

It is a destination you are so accustomed to that you hardly appreciate its significance.

It is your home.

It is truly what you make of it, how you perceive it, and the lengths you are willing to go to preserve it that counts. Your home will always be there, even if it changes every so often. Change is constant, but if you can preserve the deepest tenets of your highest self in the process, those changes will never shake you.

Know that although you are evolving, you will always find solace at home.