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The Best Form Of Closure Is Choosing To Move On

Closure is overrated. You may never get it – move on. 

Give yourself the closure you need. They gave you closure when their words didn’t match their actions. Give yourself that gift. The reality is, their intentions were not what they stated – you are lucky to have them out of your life. If you were ghosted, that is closure! Move on and give yourself the right to be with someone who holds every piece of you.

Always pay attention to their actions more than their words. If someone tells you something difficult to say, listen. It may be something that you don’t want to hear, but you must absorb. 

The right person will elevate your best and nurture your worst. 

Vulnerability can be the ultimate source of connection when you are in the right relationship. If the person you are with judges you for your worst behavior, they are not the team player you need. At some point, you have to risk that space of vulnerability to build a life with someone. 

You have to be able to reveal that side of you with the outcome being that they might leave.  

Be powerful, be honest, be open, and express it with a lack of baggage – it’s attractive and empowering.  When you are brave enough and take ownership of your vulnerabilities, wow, that’s strong. 

That doesn’t mean to verbally vomit your life after a short time – people need a connection to you before they can be empathetic, they need a context to who you are – that takes time.  Sharing your life history after a few dates may send them running for the hills. Building a bond takes time. Practice actively listening to create a sense of compassion that will open the doors to see the bigger picture.  

Attraction is a key element but cannot hold a relationship – friendship should take precedence, and in turn, create a sense of respect and loyalty. 

We need to accept ourselves for who we are today – self-acceptance, which breeds compassion.  When you take the time to learn and grow from your past instead of shaming yourself, you are loving yourself right now while improving – that’s sexy!  

No one is perfect, we all come with issues/trauma, and a suitcase full of past experiences that may taint our views.  

Try to go into any new relationship with an open heart and a nonjudgmental tone. We are all predisposed to ingrained ideas of the reality we think life should be. Be less rigid to see another person’s point of view. 

Life is about compromise. Life is a moving entity that is always changing – be willing to learn.   

You will bring a much more beautiful lens to the table when you can show core confidence. Return to a place of peace and stop beating yourself up. Learn from your past, do not make it an obstacle that carries over into another relationship.

Difficult conversations need to happen. When you have a true need in a relationship but feel anxious to approach your partner, go in with a place of power. You may not hear the answer you want; be prepared for the worst outcome, because they may not be able to meet your needs.  If this is the case, they are not the right person for you — be relieved.  

Never settle in your life!  

Rejection is crushing and you need to honor that feeling – feel the pain at your core. At the end of rejection are feelings of worthlessness and unbearable pain. This is a time to survive, heal and delay reactions until you can trust yourself for the emotions you are feeling. Take space and get to a point where the pain is a little less raw – find meaning, leverage, and power. 

Take that rejection energy and be productive—allow it to light a fire in your belly. Decide what it will create in your life. Get 10 times stronger because of the rejection; make your life interesting. 

Rewrite the legacy of your pain and create your destiny.

The most important characteristic you can have in life and a relationship is to be positive. It takes a brave person to find a positive in a negative situation. 

The energy you give off with an optimistic attitude draws like-minded people towards you and creates an atmosphere to manifest love. Isn’t that what we are all searching for? Either self-love or the love of a partner who brings emotions that create a feeling of happiness.

If you are going through a breakup, are single and looking for love, are in a relationship, or are searching for closure, find inner peace in letting go. Time is never wasted and everyone makes mistakes – that is how we grow. 

Be grateful for your trauma, be grateful for the heartache, and wrong turns you’ve made in your life. Have no regrets; instead, understand that they are shaping you into the person you should be, bringing you to the core of who you are.  Do not try to fix past mistakes. When you do this, you are erasing part of who you are. 

The profoundness of who you are is just as much based on your mistakes as it is your achievements.  

Focus on beginning a new relationship with yourself instead of looking back. Remember, trauma equals treasure.  When you use your energy to chain yourself to your heartache, you are stealing the progress for your future. Again, love who you are today, mistakes and all.

Start a clean slate today, build the life you want now.