The Best Type Of Person To Marry, Based On Your Love Language

The five love languages is a theory by Dr. Gary Chapman that posits that everyone has a unique way they express and receive love best. The five love languages are words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch.

Knowing your love language can be a great way to know what makes a compatible partner for you. As such, here is the best type of person to marry, based on your love language.

Words Of Affirmation

The best type of person to marry if your love language is words of affirmation is someone who is communicative. You need a partner who is open, honest, and willing to be vulnerable. The perfect spouse would initiate difficult conversations when they need to be had, and then would be able to navigate those discussions with emotional intelligence and compassion. As well, the best person for you would compliment you often and let you know how grateful they are for you. You need to feel appreciated in your relationship and the right person for you not only knows how good they have it (they let you know they see your worth too).


The best type of person to marry if your love language is gifts is someone who is generous. This can mean with gifts such as surprising you with your favorite coffee, pick up a book they see at the store because they think you’d love it, or getting you flowers just because. This generosity doesn’t just apply to material things, however. The right person for you will be generous with their time, their energy, affection, and their heart.

Acts Of Service

The best type of person to marry if your love language is acts of service is someone who views marriage as a companionship. The perfect spouse for you would literally embody what true partnership is, teaming up with you to tackle everyday tasks and chores with love and grace. You need to be with someone who offers to do things such as the dishes because you cooked, or who picks up the groceries on the way home because they knew you were running low on something in your fridge. You need a teammate and your best friend in a spouse. That would be the healthiest marriage for you.

Quality Time

The best type of person to marry if your love language is quality time is someone who matches your energy. For you, connection and intimacy is based on giving your partner your undivided attention and time. However, you need that same energy delivered back your way, too. Your perfect spouse would be someone who actively listens and truly engages with what you have to say, who isn’t constantly on their phone when you’re on a date night together. In other words, when they’re with you, they’re nowhere else.

Physical Touch

The best type of person to marry if your love language is physical touch is someone who is endlessly affectionate. Your ideal partner would give you reassurance with a tender pat on the back, reaching for your hand while you’re walking down the street, and constantly finds ways to be close to you physically. For you, physical closeness and affection is the best way for you to connect.