Forrest Smith

The Biggest Misconception About Each Zodiac Sign (And Why They’re Wrong)


Misconception: You lack self-control. 

Yes, you have a short temper and impulsive tendencies. Sure, you’re a fiery sign, but you don’t lack self-control. Both your personality and approach to life are just bold. Taking charge comes naturally to you as the leader of the zodiac. You’re motivated to go after what you want and to speak your mind. Mars, your ruling planet, makes you determined and ambitious. You may lose your cool from time to time, but you know restraint—nothing would be worth watching your future crumble. Your strength lies in your capacity to rein yourself in. Aries, your tenacity actually makes you one of the zodiacs with the most willpower. 


Misconception: You’re lazy. 

You get so much shade for being lazy. Taurus, you may be leisurely, but you’re not unmotivated. You just understand that rest is necessary in order to replenish your resources. Self-care is a must for your Venus-ruled zodiac sign, as is indulging in earthly delights. As a fixed sign, you’re an incredibly hard worker. When you want to accomplish something, you have the stubborn energy of a bull and you don’t stop until you reach it, no matter the obstacles. You take pride in constructing the life of your dreams. So what, if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor?


Misconception: You’re two-faced and shallow.

People make the mistake of taking your air sign as someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Being ruled by Mercury makes you inquisitive, intelligent, perceptive, curious, and hungry to learn new things. You’re a deep thinker—you just don’t reveal anything below the surface to anyone you don’t know well or trust. Your friends know that you may be straightforward, but you’re also caring. As far as being misconstrued as someone who is two-faced, it’s not true—you’re just multi-faceted. You’re able to see from all perspectives. It’s admirable how you’re not set in your ways. You don’t allow yourself to be held back by your beliefs and habits. 


Misconception: You’re weak.

People mistake your soft heart for weakness. Your great depth of emotion and sensitivity are actually your biggest strengths. You’re the only sign ruled by the Moon, governor of the emotional realm, the subconscious mind, and intuition. You can easily read other people and connect with them. Those in your life see you as a safe space. You may be selfless, but you’re certainly no doormat. You’re well aware of who is deserving of your care. You may not go by logic, but you have a strong gut. If there’s one thing you won’t be taken for, it’s a fool. You’ll go out of your way to be there for others, but you won’t give anyone a chance to hurt you a second time. 


Misconception: You’re selfish. 

You’re often criticized as self-centered and arrogant because of your infatuation with the spotlight. Yes, you love attention and sometimes your ego gets the best of you, but you’re not selfish. Your zodiac sign is represented by the lion, a creature who lives by a pack mentality. As ruler of the heart, there’s nothing your zodiac craves more than emotional connections with others. You feel deeply and love fiercely. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for those you care about. You’re a compassionate soul who deeply values loyalty. You glow as intensely as the sun, but you also know how to turn the focus on others to let them shine. You’d never put anyone down just to feel better about yourself. Confident and charming? Yes. Self-absorbed? No. 


Misconception: You don’t know how to have fun. 

You’re misunderstood as uptight and prudish. This is only because of how deeply you care about the precision it takes to achieve your success. You hold yourself to high standards, but you also like to let loose. Those closest to you have gotten to know a more free-spirited side of you that the rest of the world doesn’t get to see. That’s because you have to truly be comfortable with someone before you let your guard down. You’re witty, charming, and a hell of a good time. Yes, you work hard, but you can also play hard. Not to mention, there’s a secret naughty side to you that would shock most. 


Misconception: You’re superficial. 

Venus, your ruling planet, oversees love, romance, and beauty. You care about aesthetics and style and how those things define you as an individual—how you dress, how you accessorize, and how you decorate your home. You keep up with trends and make your own. You’re someone who must stand out from the crowd. You’re also a shameless flirt. However, there’s so much more to you than this. You’re witty, clever, and charismatic. You can easily connect with others and make them feel heard. You can talk yourself out of anything. You were made to charm, but you also feel and think deeply. There’s nothing you desire more than to be acknowledged for your intellect.


Misconception: You can’t be trusted. 

You’re the most misunderstood zodiac sign. You have a dark reputation, but it’s only because you’re so difficult to get to know. It’s in your nature to keep things hidden, so you’re often misconstrued as someone who can’t be trusted. What others don’t understand is that you don’t reveal your true self until you fully trust someone. Someone has to put active effort into getting to know you for you to bring out your lighter side. As for you being secretive, it’s only because you value privacy. Just as you keep your own secrets, you’re able to keep those that have been confided in you. Loyalty is of utmost importance to you—you would never betray anyone’s trust. That other little thing about you being a cheater—not true. When you commit, you give yourself over entirely. 


Misconception: You don’t know how to commit to a relationship. 

You have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and new experiences. You’re constantly seeking out adventure, and you can’t stay in one place for too long. This doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of commitment. You most certainly can maintain a long-term monogamous relationship. In fact, you fall in love fast and often. However, when it comes to committing yourself to another person, you take your time. You place significant thought into the suitability of the relationship before entering one. Once you do commit, you’re serious. Yes, you love your freedom, but you also desire someone who is going to help you grow and extract meaning from life. You can tie yourself to another person, as long as it’s someone who challenges you and doesn’t try to change you. 


Misconception: You’re boring and repressed. 

As an earth sign, you take pride in being grounded. Your top priorities are security and stability, so you take your work seriously. There’s no one more driven or committed to their success than you, Cap. It’s your reputation for being a responsible workaholic that makes others think you don’t know how to have a good time. Yes, you have a predictable nature, but you also know how to let your hair down. You tend to play by the rules more than any other zodiac sign, but you also like to break them now and then. Those in your inner circle know a wilder you. You’re actually one of the most fun and hilarious signs, even if you do tend to overwork yourself. 


Misconception: You’re emotionally unavailable.

Yes, you’ve got that detached, distant energy about you. You often isolate yourself to unwind alone. That doesn’t make you cold and emotionally unavailable. There’s nothing you crave more than deep connection, but you do struggle with fear of vulnerability. Opening up to others isn’t exactly your forte. You tend to get stuck in your head and struggle with expressing your emotions. You’ve also built walls around yourself to spare you any heartache. So, it takes you a little longer to allow someone to know you—the loving, caring you. You may not be the most romantic or emotional sign, but you love with your whole heart. The secret to getting you there? Lots of open communication. 


Misconception: You’re naive.

Your zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune in modern astrology. It’s the planet of desires, dreams, spirituality, and creativity. You tend to get lost in your imagination and disconnect from reality. Whether it’s through writing, art, or reveries, you live in your own fantasy land. When it comes to love, you have grand ideas of romance, but you’re no fool. You have a deep intuition—almost psychic. You’re highly in tune with the feelings of others and can easily gauge their emotional needs. It may take you a little longer to read their intentions, but it’s only because you choose to see the good in people. You’d rather risk heartache than close yourself off. You crave a soulmate, but you won’t sacrifice your self-respect for one. You’re comfortable standing on your own two feet—and floating by yourself in the clouds.