The Brutal Reality Check Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear This August


You don’t know everything, Aries. I know it feels that way sometimes–so much so that you’re absolutely terrible at listening to advice or warnings. Being the master of your own destiny is great and all, but you’re going to crash and burn if you don’t start at least entertaining the advice you get from friends and loved ones. Set aside your pride.


You spend a large chunk of your time arguing with people in your head, Taurus. Any little slight and you’re concocting elaborate arguments and “gotcha” moments just in case the perfect situation arises. Here’s the thing: No one is thinking about this with as much intensity as you are. Let it go already.


There are two sides to you, Gemini: The one that lives for the drama and the responsible one that gets things done. Unfortunately, you listen way more to the drama-filled former than the reliable latter. Sure, you might be getting some wicked experiences out of your carefree other half, but the people in your life are getting really tired of your shit. Be an adult for once.


You pride yourself on your kindness, Cancer. While it’s great to help people in need, you’re almost always doing it at your own expense. While it may sound outrageous to even consider, you shouldn’t be wasting your kindness on people who treat you like shit. Then you become complicit in your own undoing. Stop setting your life aside for the people who wish to destroy it.


There’s nothing wrong with outside validation, Leo, but when you base all of your self-esteem on it, that’s bonkers. It’s called “self” esteem for a reason. The idea that your accomplishments don’t matter unless a bunch of people congratulate you is just silly. Quit caring so much about the praise of others. It’s only holding you back (and making you look ridiculous).


You’ve got your plans, Virgo. You have that meticulous planner or calendar app and every moment is scheduled to oblivion. Cool. But what about the little moments that you skip in favor of following your rigid schedule? You’re missing out on the monumental moments with friends and family because it was too spontaneous–too last minute. Just know this: Your friends will eventually stop asking. And then what will you be left with? A sad calendar app.


You can’t know everything, Libra. You ask people “are you mad at me?” because something feels off. Maybe what’s off is you? Because people are rarely thinking about you to the degree that you think they are. And the more you ask if they’re mad at you, the more you’re going to wish that into existence. Lay off and keep the insecure part of your brain separate from the part that tells you what to do.


You pride yourself on your mysteriousness, Scorpio. You assume that if you hold back a little, people will be even more interested to learn things about you. And you dole out those crumbs very rarely. Here’s the thing: You aren’t as mysterious as you think. You’re just closed-off. You’re missing out on the bonding experience that comes with late nights opening up to friends. It’s a shame you’re too secretive to know what that’s like.


You get bored easily, Sagittarius. If you’re sitting still too long, you get itchy. You want to be having adventures, learning new things, making art. Unfortunately, that means you also get bored easily when it comes to friends and partners. Not everyone is going to be as adventurous as you. You’re going to always end up alone if you drop anyone who sits still for 10 minutes. Slow down a little so others can meet you halfway. Or be alone–it’s up to you.


You know what’s best for everyone, Capricorn. Or at least, you think you do. But very few people appreciate it when their friend or partner tries to guide them in everything they do. If someone doesn’t ask for your opinion or advice, don’t give it. You might be saying, “but…” as if there are exceptions to this rule. There aren’t. Don’t give your advice or opinion if people didn’t ask for it, period.


You don’t need a lot when it comes to talking about–or even feeling–emotions, Aquarius. That’s all well and good, but that’s often not the case for others. If your friends or partners need a bit more in the way of emotional expression, don’t expect them to tamp it down to cater to your emotion-free existence. Make that compromise and meet them halfway–or just be alone, which you’re better at anyway.


You read people so well, Pisces, which means you often have this urge to insert yourself into every drama because you instinctually feel what’s going on. It isn’t always about you, though. I know you want to help, but don’t do it if people didn’t ask. Your friends or partner may be looking for your other natural social skill: Being a good listener. That should be your baseline–not the Drama-Hungry Helper.