Taryn Elliott

The Ephemeral Moment Of Us

I loved you with everything that I was, with every crevice of my skin my body craving you, and with each waking second and passing moment l loved you indefinitely. I loved you like we hadn’t had a second more, and with each ending day I could visualize the countdown to our inevitable goodbyes; with each kiss I would linger for just a second longer because I knew that millisecond moment may have been our last. I loved you desperately, hungry for your time; I devoured every piece of passion you gave me and savored it until you had nothing more to offer. I loved you until you disintegrated into dust, until your heart was too empty and too cold to call home and there was nothing more left of you. 

I loved you hard. I let you consume my waking thoughts and unconscious dreams, desires that reached so deep; my love for you soaked through my skin and saturated my core. I loved you so much that there wasn’t a part of me that wasn’t yours. 

I loved you, infatuated with your intricate and delicate soul. I fell in love with the way your mind moved swiftly from one subject to the next, hopelessly wishing I was worth something to set your thoughts on, hoping I could be the something you loved more. I loved you mercilessly, believing that you wanted me to; I gave myself to you, but deep down I knew your arms weren’t made for shelter and your embrace would soon incinerate me, setting our memories ablaze, our love nothing more than illuminated embers that were bound to burn. 

I loved you blindly, but I saw you clearly. An enchanting and breathtakingly brilliant man, a scene so beautiful you were blinding. You hypnotized my heart—oh, how stupid must I have been to believe that the eccentric yet bashful boy who crossed his pinky with mine was capable of fulfilling the promise of forever. Oh, how stupid must I have been to believe the most blatant lie, your soft whisper whisking me away into a state of serenity, suggesting you were here to stay. 

“I love you,” you told me, caressing my jaw as you placed a gentle kiss on the right side of my temple.

“Don’t leave me,” I pleaded, fear clouding my forest green eyes as I attempted to penetrate your mind while in desperate need of reassurance. 

And this was and will always be the narrative of our story. 

With time, I’ve realized that someone who loves you will never leave, and the person they love should never have had to beg them to stay. Although you may believe you loved me, leaving will always be the kind of love that will be your legacy. 

I loved you. 

And I will always love you until there’s nothing left of me.