The Gentle Reminder You Need This Week, Based On Your Birth Month

Whatever you are dealing with, whatever you are weathering, here are a few gentle reminders that will hopefully crack some light into your journey this week. Take what you need. 


Often, you are the person others go to when they are weathering hardship in life. You give so much of yourself to ensure that those around you feel loved, supported, and anchored. But who takes care of you? Who checks up on you? Who holds your heart the way you hold theirs? Who genuinely makes you feel seen, and nurtured in this world? Remember that you have to pour love into yourself, as well. You deserve the empathy you give to everyone around you. You deserve the same compassion. The same effort. The same forgiveness. You don’t have to be strong for others all the time. You can be strong for yourself, too. You can unravel. You can lean into your healing. You can be soft. 


You exist in this world as someone who has a deeply open, and tender heart. Your soul is overflowing with the love you want to give to others, with the love you hope to share with human beings who feel as if they are made up of the same stuff as you. Because of this, you can sometimes make excuses for those in your life who have hurt you. You want to believe that there is goodness in all of those around you, and this can cause you to water down your own instincts, and to stay in spaces that don’t actually serve your heart, and what you’re genuinely looking to find in this world. This is your reminder to honor your true nature. It is better to be alone, than to be loved in a way that makes you feel lonely, or misunderstood. It is better to be your own home, while you search for those who will see you clearly, and care for you in the most beautiful way. 


Still standing

When everything falls apart, when your foundation cracks and the world around you feels as if it is being destroyed, this is your reminder that you have the ability to rebuild all that feels lost and hopeless here. This is your reminder that sometimes, your biggest losses turn into your biggest gains; that the Universe sometimes breaks up the comfort you have anchored yourself within in order to push you towards the person you were truly meant to become in this world. As someone who enjoys harmony, this season of your life may feel turbulent, and unstable, but you are strong enough to find your footing. You are capable of doing hard things. Remember that you can heal in the quiet. You can grow in the dark. You are in a constant state of creation, and evolution. Now is not the time to run from it.


This is your reminder that you are good enough for the people who love you. You are good enough, and you don’t have to be perfect in order to be loved. You don’t have to be fully healed in order to be chosen. You don’t always have to be so neatly organized, and faultless, in order to be respected and held in this life. You are a real human being, dealing with very real things that weigh heavily in a human heart. You are not always going to be a shining example of yourself. You will not always have the answers. Forgive yourself for the way you have had to save yourself over the last year. Understand that it does not make you any less worthy of understanding, and grace, and kindness, from those you care deeply about.You are allowed to show up honestly, as you are — as best as you can. It is enough. It is enough.


Become your own soulmate…

It is okay to be alone at times. It is okay to take your heart back, to nurture your soul in the quiet, while you work through and heal the things you may have run from in the past. It is okay to enjoy your space, to enjoy the sanctuary that is your own mind. It is okay to lean into the parts of yourself no one else claps for. This is your reminder that taking time to resurrect the home that is within yourself, taking the time to meet yourself, and know yourself, is just as important as the time you spend externally in this Universe. Remember that being alone with yourself is also time spent in this world. It is okay to enjoy being on your own, it is okay to enjoy disconnecting, so that you can strengthen your connection to the things that genuinely deserve your attention and your energy. This is your reminder that it is okay to embrace the quiet, to chase peace.


At the end of the day, you are the only person who knows, on the deepest level of understanding, what it took to survive up until now. You are the only person who knows the internal battles you had to fight just to make it here today. Just to heal. Just to work through and navigate the ways in which the world was trying to weather you. You are the only person who knows what went through your mind, how it felt to hold your heart within your own chest while you were mending it, how it felt to crack under the weight of your own rebuilding. You are the only person who knows what you went through, at your core. Don’t let anyone convince you that you have to feel ashamed for how you saved yourself, how you fought. You have pulled yourself out of the dark, you have elbowed your way back into this world. Do not go back to what buried you. 


Remember — it is okay to outgrow those who don’t know how to love you. It is okay to walk away from people who have treated you poorly, who have not shown you the same tenderness and care that you have shown them. You are a deeply loyal person, you show up in a way that is so soft and beautiful in a world that sometimes feels devoid of genuine connection. However, this is your reminder that not everyone deserves your kindness. Not everyone deserves to know you or hold the rare gift that is your heart. It is time to stop fighting for those who never seem to fight for you. It is time to stop chasing those who do not want to be caught. There are others in this world who will match the energy, and the love you give. They exist. Wait for them. 


Become her…

Who are you when you’re alone with your mind, and are you happy? When the world is quiet, and the noise subsides, when you are on your own with your heart, with your soul — what do you hope for? What do you dream about? It is time to listen. It is time to lean into yourself, and your own version of happiness. It is time to connect with all of the passion you hold within, it is time to channel it, and let it guide you towards the things that ignite something deep within you. You are allowed to do things on your own terms. You are allowed to take a different path, to want different things than those around you. You were brought into this Universe in the most unique way — it is time to honor that. It is time to make your life your own. 


Please, whatever you do — stay soft. Do not let the things that have hurt you turn you into someone you are not. At times, the world can be a difficult place to hold your hope. You have cared for those who have not always been gentle with your heart. You have felt misunderstood, you have felt alone. Often, it is the kindest souls who have been through so much at the hands of this Universe. Who have been weathered by loss, who have been challenged time and time again. It is okay to feel defeated, to feel like you need to rid yourself of your own tenderness here in order to survive, but this is your reminder that you cannot close yourself off to your heart. You cannot hide from your own soul. You represent all that is good, and awe-inspiring in this world. To be who you are, after all you have been through, is a beautiful thing. Please, do not let the world change you. Honor who you are — there is strength in that.


This is your reminder that when you close yourself off to potential pain, you also close yourself off to potential joy. Yes, you have been hurt before, and it can be difficult to put yourself into this world due to that. You would rather hide away, and retreat, because that affords you protection. However, as someone who feels deeply, as someone who holds so much intensity within themselves, know that doing so will also isolate you from a world that has the capacity to fill you with the deepest forms of love, and connection and inspiration. Trust that because you exist here, with your hope, and your curiosity, and your devotion — others do, too. Do not hide so deep within yourself that you get lost forever. There is so much waiting for you in this world. Stay open, so you can find it. Let the Universe surprise you.


Whenever you doubt your future, whenever you want to sabotage yourself and pull yourself away from genuinely believing that you are worthy and good enough for all that you desire, and all that you hope for in this world — repeat these three words: “Show me how good it gets.” It isn’t easy to believe in your healing before you have met it. It isn’t easy to believe in love when all you have experienced is hurt. It isn’t easy to believe in the light when you’ve lived so many years in the dark. It isn’t easy to trust in what you have yet to feel, but you  must trust. Let the world show you how good it gets. Let the Universe show you the potential it has waiting for you. Keep going. Keep going.


You deserved a kinder goodbye. It is as simple, and as haunting as that. You deserved a kinder goodbye. You deserved respect. You deserved honesty. You deserved empathy. This is your reminder that you did not deserve the things you had to weather on your own. You did not deserve to be left figuring out how to put the pieces back together. You met your strength in ways that weren’t fair, in ways that you weren’t prepared for. You did the hard things. You fought to be here, you fought to survive, and while you carry all that you have been through so well — those burdens were never yours to hold in the first place. Sometimes, within all that feels unfair, and disheartening in this world, we simply need to hear that we deserved better. So — you deserved better. You deserved protection. You deserved kindness. Please don’t ever blame yourself for what you went through.