Matthew J. Cotter

The Harrowing Mystery Of The Pollock Twins, Who May Have Been The Reincarnation Of Their Murdered Sisters

In Hexham England lived the Pollok family. Florence and John Pollok and their two daughters Joanna and Jacqueline, who were eleven and six years old at the time of their deaths. In May of 1957 came a very tragic day. The two sisters were walking with their nine year old friend Anthony to church, when they were struck by a reckless driver. The two sisters were killed almost instantly, and Anthony died on his way to the hospital. The woman who struck the children was under a number of different drugs and later admitted that she purposely hit the children after she was forced to give up her own children. She ended up being placed in a psychiatric hospital. Of course Florence and John were deeply devastated over the loss of their precious children. 

However, a year following their deaths, Florence became pregnant. John became completely convinced that their daughters would be reincarnated as twins, and that they would have their little girls back in their lives. But Joanna wasn’t buying this and refused to accept what her husband was saying. They were very religious Catholics and argued about the theory of reincarnation in the past, to the point where their marriage was actually in jeopardy over it. Additionally, there was no history of twins at all in either of their families, and even her doctor said her chances of having twins was very low. 

But in October of 1958, Joanna actually ended up giving birth to twin girls. They were named Jennifer and Gillian. 

Florence denied for several years that the twins were reincarnated spirits of her two lost daughters, despite all of the overwhelming evidence that they definitely could’ve been. 

There were the small things at first, like the fact that Jennifer had a birthmark on her hip that was identical to the birthmark that Jacqueline had on hers. Also, both twins had different kinds of birthmarks, which was very unusual for twins. The family moved out of Hexham when the twins were only a few months old, but as they got older they were able to remember things about Hexham even though they’ve never even been there. If that’s not crazy enough, the twins were also able to identify their late sisters’ toys by their exact names, even though Florence had hid away all of her late daughters’ toys. They asked for all the toys by name, they played with them the exact same way their previous daughters did, and were even able to state that the toys came from Santa Claus, which was true. All of that, along with the fact that their personalities matched their sisters in so many different ways, it really is bizarre. 

It wasn’t until the twins started talking about the car accident when Florence actually changed her mind. She overheard the twins playing a game where they were acting out the accident, and were able to point to parts of the body that were hurt and bleeding. “The blood coming out of your eyes, that’s where the car hit you,” Gillian said to Jennifer as she was holding her head on her lap. The twines also had a big fear of cars, and when they were younger they often had scary dreams about being hit by them. 

When the twins were around five years old, the memories of their past lives started to slowly fade away. However, Gillian ended up having a few visions later in life regarding a sandpit at a home in Whickham, and was able to accurately describe the house and its surroundings. Gillian has never been to this house before, but it was a house that Joanna had lived in at four years old. 

There’s some speculation about this case where people are adamant that the girl’s older brothers probably told them stories about their sister’s past; that theory is not confirmed. Even if they had told them about their past, that still doesn’t solve the mystery of their birth marks, their personalities, how they did things, their fear of cars, etc. 

It will never be confirmed whether or not the twins are actually reincarnated versions of their sisters. But I personally will have to lean a lot more towards the reincarnated supporters.