The Hottest Men on TikTok Who Will Make You Forget Your Toxic Ex

Here are some of the hottest men on TikTok that’ll make you forget your ex.

Volodymyr Testardi

There’s something about a man who can wine and dine you while also fulfilling your need for eye candy. Tiktoker @Vovatestardi does just that, cooking up gourmet meals that are just as decadent as he is and always taking a swig of champagne before giving his signature wink to the camera. Such a better way to spend your time than drunk-dialing your good-for-nothing ex.


Wyjątkowy przepis na zielony makaron. Penne  z awokado i szpinakiem.🥑🥬 Składniki na 2 porcji: 200g makaronu penne połówka awokado 100 g szpinaku 2 łyżki serka śmietankowego 1 łyżeczka soku z cytryny 2-3 ząbki czosnku ½ łyżeczki chili 1 kromka pszennego chleba 2-3 łyżki oliwy 2 łyżki parmezanu sól pieprz 1 kubek wody z makaronu Przygotowanie: Ugotuj makaron do stopnia al dente i zachowaj 1 kubek wody z gotowania. Podsmaż szpinak z czosnkiem i chili na oliwie. Wrzuć do blendera awokado, serek, sok z cytryny i usmażony szpinak. Drobno pokrój kromkę chleba i czosnek. Podsmaż razem na oliwie do chrupkości. Wyłóż sos i makaron na patelnie, dolewaj do konsystencji wodę. Wyłóż makaron na talerz, posyp parmezanem i chrupkami z chleba. Smacznego! 🤌🏻👨‍🍳 sszpinakaawokadopprzepisggotowaniemmiłośćbblogkulinarnyprzepisy #kucharz #kuchnia

♬ Just The Two of Us – Kauai45 & Sweet Cocoa

Costa Iillios

This handsome Greek charmer is not just beautiful on the outside – he’s a gorgeous sweetheart on the inside as well. He’s known for his epic Lives where he engages with his followers with a down-to-earth enthusiasm and boyish charm. And homemade breakfast pancakes. Lots of delicious pancakes. We love a man who knows how to eat and gives you a lesson by example on why you should never settle for the bare minimum.


We’ve been gone for a minute but it feels good to get back into the swing of things 💯🤟 #beardmaintenance #mensgroominghacks #beardtrim

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Jacob Day

If you’re ever having trouble remembering that you’re way out of your ex’s league and that your ex ain’t shit, not to worry: Jacob Day is here to save the day. With 6.7 million followers on his primary account and over 2 million on his other account Jacob Night, this sculpted hottie has all the Gen Z girlies in a collective swoon.


TikToker @ptwithjames is unmatched in his athletic and – ahem – flexible thirst traps. This account is perfect for the gym girlies looking for an extra stretch with their ~physical therapy~. 10/10 this account will mentally satisfy you more than your ex ever did.

Uncle Copper

TikToker @copperhead347 has the biceps, storytelling skills, and the country boy accent to titillate any woman on TikTok. If you like tattoos and military grade anything, be sure to follow his channel. If you’re ever tempted to reply to your ex when they come crawling back to you as per usual, watch one of his videos instead.


Replying to @BethsinAlaskaForNow well thank you, dahling; id say that just about made my day. #vintagevibes #oldhollywood #unclecopper #fyp #transatlanticaccent

♬ original sound – Uncle Copper