/ Katie Martynova

The Kind Of Parent You Will Be, Based On Your Birth Month


You will be the wise parent. You will be the parent who helps your kids lead better lives and teach them at a young age how to be responsible and what their priorities should be. You will teach them the importance of family and what truly matters and you will lead by example by showing them how to set healthy boundaries and be self-sufficient and independent so that no one can take advantage of them.


You will be the cool parent. You will be the parent who befriends the kids and does fun things with them and their friends. Your kids will feel like you’re more of an older sibling than a parent because of how light-hearted, open-minded, and understanding you are. You want to be the closest person to your kids, so you will always make them feel safe to come and tell you everything that’s happening in their lives and you will try not to judge them for it. Their friends love to tell you their secrets too because they feel like you’re one of them.


You will be the intuitive parent. You will be deeply connected to your kids in a way that alerts you when something is off. You will instantly know if they’re sad or suffering or if they need some love and affection. Your kids will not have to speak a word because you will know exactly what they’re going through and you will know how to comfort them. You will be too involved in their problems, but you will also nurture them and give them the strength and support they need to feel good about themselves again.


You will be the protective parent. You will not allow anyone to hurt your kids and you will make that known so no one even dares to try. You will teach your kids how to defend themselves and how to respond to anyone who bullies them. You will teach them how to be fearless and be feared at the same time, so no one can make them feel inferior or not good enough. You will raise them to be confident, self-assured, and tough, because that’s how they’re going to win in life.


You will be the smart parent. You will be the parent who pays attention to what the kids are learning and what kind of career decisions they’re making. You will teach them how to pick the most lucrative majors and how to be financially independent at a young age. You will guide them when it comes to their career and their most important life decisions because you don’t want them to be reckless when they’re young and suffer when they’re adults. You will raise them to make clever decisions like how they should always think of the future and how to be successful on their own.


You will be the supportive parent. You will be the parent who joins their kids in all their activities and plays their favorite sport with them or their favorite board game with them. You will go to all their games, concerts, bake sales, and Zumba classes and actively participate in their lives. Even if you don’t understand their taste or interests, you will still support them and cheer them on. You will be their number one fan in anything they do and they know that.


You will be the overzealous parent. You will spoil your kids too much and you will buy them fancy things and take them with you on the most luxurious trips. You will share their talents on social media and you will always splurge on their clothes and their toys. You will be the parent other parents can’t keep up with because you are always getting your kids things that the other kids don’t have. You show your love by constantly showering them with gifts and nice things.


You will be the competitive parent. You will be the parent who pushes your kids to be number one in everything they do. You will teach them how to get what they want and stand out from the crowd. You will push them to participate in competitions, take big risks, and not be afraid of failure. You believe in going big or going home, and you will pass this mentality on to your kids. Your kids will undoubtedly be popular or famous and you know it.


You will be the organized parent. You will be the one taking care of all the details in your kids’ life because you’re a perfectionist and your kids will be too. You have a list of all their upcoming events and you always make sure that they’re prepared and always look put together. Your kids will have everything they need because you are always on top of things and you get things done for them all the time. They never have to worry about planning because they know that you have it all perfectly figured out for them.


You will be the harmonious parent. You will be the chill parent that wants peace all the time. Your kids will come to you if they messed up or did something wrong because they know that you will forgive them. You create a positive and loving environment for your kids where they feel safe to express themselves and not be punished for it. You don’t stress them out either because you like to go with the flow and that helps them feel at ease around you.


You will be the savage parent. Your kids will have so much swag and will be able to get out of trouble just by saying the right thing at the right time. You will teach them how to get what they want by being charming and saying the right things without offending anyone or stepping on anyone’s toes. You will help them talk their way out of things by using humor or charm or witty banter and give them a different perspective on life. You know how to make your kids outshine anyone without being provocative because you do it so effortlessly and they will too.


You will be the fun parent. You will be the one throwing them the best birthday parties and planning the most fun trips. You will invite their friends over to your house all the time and your house will be like their little play area. You love feeling like a kid again, and being around your kids and their friends makes you feel alive and happy. You will always cook them their favorite food or play their favorite music because you want to create a fun environment for them to keep coming back to. Your kids love spending time with you because you make everything enjoyable and exciting for them.