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The Little Things You Should Be Celebrating This Holiday Season Based Off Of Your Birth Month

January: Making It Through the Year

People born in January have faced an exhausting 10 months. Whenever they felt like they had picked up all of the pieces, things unfortunately crumbled at their feet. Everyone has a bad day, but truthfully, for those born in January, it was a very tough year all around. However, you truly did do your best and didn’t give up throughout all of the bad. Take this as your easy New Year’s resolution: keep doing what you’re doing, sis. Rome was not built in a day, and the progress you made this year is something to be proud of.

February: Finding Your Support Circle

People who are born in February are naturally inclined to figure life out on their own. However, there comes a point in life when you need some extra motivation from the ones closest to you. You cannot grow without having some outside perspective, and your closest friends will become your lifeline when you need it the most. Those born in February are naturally kindhearted, and when people take advantage of your kind spirit, you tend to hide yourself from the world, but with a little help from your friends, you made it through.

March: Speaking Up

Those born in March typically don’t have problems speaking their mind to the people they are closest to, but when faced with conflict from others, that is when they would typically walk away. You learned that when people value what you have to say, you are at your most confident. You made some boss moves this year, and that is due to your ability to build credibility with your words. People born in March have a personable energy around them, so having the ability to communicate their thoughts effectively has been their greatest advantage.

April: Learning How to Take Care of Yourself

Those born in April are always inclined to help others. Whether it be acts of service or just lending an ear, you are there for anybody who needs it. However, in 2022, you became a bit more selfish, and that is totally okay. You took some of that giving that you gave to everybody and channeled it into yourself and your healing. People born in April had an extremely hectic year, so taking time to reflect has been essential to their goals. Those born in April have begun to look in the mirror and state affirmations to bring into each day, while taking time to smell the flowers from the spring blooms.

May: Your Financial Success

Those born in May truly channeled their adaptive energy into achieving their goals this year. Sometimes they could seem a bit cold, but that was truly because of their inability to rest comfortably without knowing they were making moves. People born in May know they can get easily distracted by the outside world, so when they start to shut you out, don’t take it personally. You have an eye for detail, and that’s how you kept the ball rolling and the savings coming in.

June: Being Able to Rest

Those born in June pay attention to how people perceive them more often than they are able to view themselves. This year, you learned to put yourself first. People born in June have the ability to work dangerously close together until they break down and face extensive burnout that would slow their motivation and drive to have a picture-perfect life. When you’re born in a month filled with sunshine and warmth, there ought to be downpours in the mix too. You learned to take moments of gratitude to bed with you and wake up feeling refreshed to move on.

July: The Little Things

People born in July typically love things that are larger than life to match their feisty personalities. However, this was truly the year they were able to slow down and appreciate the little moments. Not everything has to be dramatized and broadcasted to the world, so with that being said, you toned it back this year. Those born in July are passionate and do everything with the best intentions, but sometimes it can backfire, causing scenes. When you take a step back, you start to realize some battles are not worth your beautiful energy.

August: Your Ability to Achieve Your Goals

People born in August truly knocked it out of the park this year in terms of personal growth. Even with some tough curveballs being thrown your way, you managed to stay composed and on track to your goals. Those born in August are organized, and when they put their minds to what they want to achieve, they’re able to break it down into steps that they can accomplish. People envy how they take every setback with ease, but their friends look up to their determination and grit.

September: Being Able To Find Diamonds In The Rough

Those born in September have a special way of looking at life, and it’s really what kept them going this year. Not everything went according to your master plan, and that’s okay, because even at your lowest moments, you came out smiling. People born in September are highly analytical, so they know exactly where they should channel their energy. If they didn’t allow themselves to brush off the bad, it wouldn’t let them see the incredible results of their work. Sure, it doesn’t look like what your planner said, but it does add a bit more to your autobiography.

October: Finding Your Person

For people born in October, breaking down their walls can seem daunting to others. You may seem mysterious to others, but just know that it’s because of how intelligent you are. Other people may view it as intense, but this year, you found the person who understood you the most. Those born in October are led by their hearts, so their energy can become infectious to those who take the time to get to know them.

November: Settling Down

Those born in November have a knack for finding themselves in the heat of the moment. Normally, when something goes wrong, people’s natural instinct is to flee from it. However, this year, those born in November embraced life’s challenges as just another adventure. When they face a certain amount of turbulence in their lives, those born in November soon realize that in 2022 if they keep turning up the dust, it will never settle… just like them.

December: Finding Your Dream Job

Those born in December had goals to set this year, and they exceeded those expectations. They have a desire for routine and consistency, so this year they made sure that their plan followed a logical, specified route. Those born in December have resentment towards working in a dysfunctional environment due to their reserved nature. They made it a priority to ensure boss moves only occurred in 2022, and their ability to stay modest while doing it propelled them into success this year.