The Major Dating Red Flag You’re Guilty Of, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Calling All Your Exes “Crazy”

You’re fiery and have certainly had your share of intense relationships. However, when you date someone new, you tend to focus on how “crazy” your exes were, and you make that clear any chance you get. Whether or not your partner caused issues in the relationship, if you are never willing to take responsibility for anything you may have said or done, it doesn’t send a great message to your potential love interest.

Taurus: Staying Hung Up On Your Ex

Let’s be real; you aren’t a fan of change. While you may have accepted the relationship ended, and it was for the best, you have a hard time letting go of what once was—especially if you were together for a long time. It’s natural to miss an ex, but your issue is you allow it to creep into your future prospects. Whether you internally compare new people to your past or bring up your ex a ton when talking to other people, it isn’t helping your dating chances.

Gemini: Making Fun Of Your Partners

You’re witty and love to have banter with people you’re interested in. While some light-hearted jokes to flirt may be the goal, you can sometimes let your mouth run away from you and take things too far. You can go from teasing to full-on mockery very fast, and it can be discouraging to someone who is otherwise incredibly into you.

Cancer: Moving Too Fast 

You are all for that “love at first sight” and “when you know, you just know” type of stuff. When you’re smitten with a person, you don’t want to waste time. While it makes sense you want things to move in a serious direction if you already know you want to be with them, you have a tendency to want to move pretty fast. You have no issue with getting serious quickly—but sometimes, in your excitement, you don’t take the cues from your partner about the speed they want or need to take. The results can make people feel pressured into something sooner than they are comfortable with.

Leo: Wanting To Be Their #1 Priority 

You want to be the star—but not just of your own life. When you decide to date someone, you have a lot of love to give and are willing to make your significant other a top priority in your life. The only problem? You expect them to do the same, with no hesitation. While wanting your partner to care for and give you attention isn’t bad, you can’t expect them to make you their entire world. There has to be a balance—and if you’re determined to double down on this, it sends a not-so-flattering message.

Virgo: Being Overly Critical 

I know you think you’re helping them. You notice a few things that could use improvement. While sharing some suggestions or concerns isn’t a red flag per se, it doesn’t take much for you to cross into the overly critical side of things. You can be so sure you’re right that you aren’t willing to admit that maybe you’re a little too set in your ways.

Libra: Being Possessive 

You have an interesting dynamic when it comes to dating, for better or worse. You want freedom and enjoy being able to date and flirt when you meet new people. Yet when you decide you’re into someone, you can become pretty possessive of them. You don’t want their focus or eyes on anyone but you—even if you don’t see the problem in harmlessly flirting from time to time. 

Scorpio: Jealousy

While everyone experiences jealousy in one form or another, yours certainly makes an impression. You are dedicated and don’t like being lied to, so if you suspect that the person you want may be into someone else? Your jealous side can come out pretty quickly. If you don’t keep it in check, it spells disaster for any future relationship you hope to be in.

Sagittarius: Refusing to “Have a Label”

Given your spontaneous approach to life, it isn’t shocking you go the same route with your relationships. Even if you really like someone, you’re too afraid of being tied down. Still, you don’t want to cut them loose entirely. You’ll act like you’re in a relationship but never want to put a label on things. You want to keep things “fun,” which certainly doesn’t make a great impression on the person you’re into.

Capricorn: Being Emotionally Unavailable 

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t heartless. You are guilty of prioritizing other things over your relationship—so much so that you don’t really offer the level of emotional intimacy that you should. You don’t see an issue with not making a person your whole world, which is fine. You do need to learn how to open up, though.

Aquarius: Ghosting

One minute, you’re totally into them and having a great time. The next, you get too inside your head and decide to end things. While it’s more than your right to call things off if you’re not feeling it, you usually don’t actually communicate with the person—you ghost instead. While you may know ghosting is annoying and frustrating deep down, you still are guilty of implementing more than you should.

Pisces: Being Obsessed With Your Partner

When you meet someone you’re interested in, the rose-colored glasses go on. You can’t seem to focus on or talk about anyone but them—and it can have you coming on pretty strong. Showing the person you like how you feel isn’t a bad thing, but you need to ensure you aren’t focusing every single second on them.