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The Miracle Message You Need To Read This Week, Based On Your Zodiac

Every sign has a special message they need to hear this week in order to experience and manifest miracles and blessings. Here’s yours, based on your zodiac sign.


Your faith in yourself and others have been shaken by trauma, but it is in delving into the darkest parts of yourself where you will find the light. There is a Japanese art form known as Kintsugi where broken pieces are transformed by adding gold. It’s time to be an alchemist. Your Midas touch will turn everything into gold, even the cracks and imperfections of your life.


Suspend your disbelief. Stop listening to the critical voices of others. Your innovative ideas were meant to reach the deepest corners of the world. Your naysayers don’t decide what you get to manifest or what your limits are. 


You’re irreplaceable. There is nobody quite like you who can do what you can do and who can create what you can create. You create miracles out of thin air and turn dust into diamonds. No one can replicate your raw magic. Give yourself the love and appreciation you deeply desire from others, and you will manifest miracles tenfold. 


Release resistance and limiting beliefs. When you strive for your highest good and the greatest good, the Universe conspires in your favor to give you everything you need. You’re afraid to shine too brightly so you shrink. It’s noble you want to make space for others, but the world benefits more when you take up space.


You’re allowed to believe in the impossible, even as a skeptic. You are a powerful creator of reality. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility for you. Save your cynicism for people who don’t deserve your energy and keep all the faith for yourself and your dreams.


Timing is important but so is believing in yourself. Choose yourself, first and foremost. You are so worthy of miracles in every facet of your life. 


Give yourself permission to rest and to be joyful. This is one of the most powerful ways to manifest miracles in your life – not through hard work and labor, but playful ease.


You keep asking why would it be me when the answer is why wouldn’t it be? You’ve seen the impossible happen many times. Take the leap of faith. Let yourself believe.


Breathe. You’ve survived the impossible which means your strength is untouchable. There’s no reason why you won’t thrive now. You were built for this. You were made to manifest miracles.


Stop setting the bar so low. Raise your standards for what you expect to manifest and you’ll experience all the waves of abundance that are in store for you. 


Go with the flow. Don’t try too hard. The best manifestations are birthed through release. It’s time for an emotional purge that will leave space for miracles to enter.


Affirm, affirm, affirm. You have the power of words to create your dream reality beyond what you could ever expect or imagine. Speak miracles into existence.