The Most Dangerous Force In The World Is A Soul Who Realizes They’re Never Really Alone

i refuse to live in a box

to fill with materialistic things of empty significance

i refuse to drive yet another box to work day in and day out

functioning as a component in this simulated machine

i refuse to go through the motions living an unconscious

life scripted by someone else and their virtual reality

my feet need the grounding of the earth

the breeze energizing my body with prana from the trees

my spirit needs to experience my humanness

fully feel my senses instead of numbing them with societal complacency

experience all this world, this big beautiful life, has to offer

wild and abundantly expansive as we were all meant to be

throwing the status quo and all limitations to the wind

i am the co-creator of my existence

watch my ascent, i can only rise

i want to be the girl…

who lives in her boho-inspired hippie van

writing poetry and reading novels

listening to her classical playlists

chatting with the hummingbirds

dipping her toes in the healing waves of the ocean

feeling the fresh breeze kiss her cheeks

telling her secrets to the flutterbys

bathing in rivers and hot springs

cleansing herself of societal conditioning

dancing carefree in the moonlight

conspiring with the stars

i want to be that girl.

the best journey is the one i have with myself

my favorite company is my own

it’s the most dangerous force in the world

 a soul who realizes they’re never really alone

 the biggest deception we’re ever sold

is the idea that you need someone to make you whole

 when in actuality we’re all just here to find

the way back to our humanity

i used to be restless

my fire, that powerful, overwhelming force

used to rage and want to take on the world

so i did.