The Motivational Reminder Each Zodiac Sign Needs As December Ends

The Motivational Reminder Each Zodiac Sign Needs As December Ends


Even though your doubts have been louder than your hopes lately, you’re going to get there if you keep trying. The only way you’ll never stand a chance is if you give up now.


Your negative, self-destructive thoughts aren’t as accurate as they sometimes feel. Your brain can warp reality in order to make you believe the worst lies.


You’re allowed to be exhausted by how hard you’ve been fighting, but you aren’t allowed to give up on yourself. You’re stronger than you realize. After all, you’re still standing.


Your motivation might be low at the moment, but all that means is that you need a break. You don’t want to keep going until you burn yourself out. Get the rest your body and mind are begging for, even if you feel like you haven’t earned it.


Your baby steps are still steps in the right direction. Stop paying attention to how slowly you’ve been moving and be proud of the fact that you’re making progress at all. It beats standing still or heading backwards.


You might not be where you hoped you would be by now, but you never expected so many obstacles to get in your way. You never could have prepared for the horrors you would end up facing. You’re doing wonderful, all things considered.


It might take a little longer to reach your destination, so try to enjoy the journey. Remember why you are pursuing certain dreams. Don’t let your drive for success make you forget about your love for your passions.


You might be going through a rough time, but you’ve been through rough times before. You know you’re capable of making it through in one piece. You know you have the tools to keep moving forward, even when it hurts.


It might feel like nothing is changing, like you’re stuck in place, but eventually you will break out of your rut. You just have to keep trying. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable situation. Demand more.


You are already successful in a million little ways. Sometimes, all you need to do is redefine your definition of success. Recognize that you’ve already accomplished so much. Give yourself more credit.


You’re trying your hardest. You’re putting effort in every single day. You’re doing all you can do, so you shouldn’t be mad at yourself if things aren’t going well. Sometimes, situations are outside of your control.


It’s going to get easier. Things won’t always feel this impossible. Eventually, you’re going to grow more and more comfortable. You’re going to thrive.