The Official Hot Girl Summer Rules For 2022

Hot Girl Summer 2022 is upon us. Here are the top rules you must follow to have your best season yet.

Rule #1: Remember that indecision is a decision.

Don’t let someone treat you like an idea or an option they’re tossing around. No. You deserve to be actively chosen. You are a Hot Girl™️, remember? And if Hot Girls know anything, it’s their worth. Hot Girls don’t mess with people who make them question what they deserve because they have better shit to do.

Rule #2: Don’t settle for situationships.

AKA don’t do wifey shit for a man who won’t even call you his girlfriend. Refuse to settle for situationships because they are honestly toxic as hell and never worth your time and effort. Situationships never end in anything but heartbreak. Don’t let a situationship kill your vibe this Hot Girl Summer.

Rule #3: Be honest about who you are (and what you want).

If you want to casually date, casually date. If you want a serious relationship, seek one and don’t settle for anything else (see rule #2). Be honest about who you are and what you want. Show up as you, not someone others want you to be.

Rule #4: Nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Hot girl walks. 101 Essays Era. Protein smoothies. Late-night talks with your besties. Balance. This summer is about nourishing your mind, body, and soul in whatever way that makes sense for you. Because being a Hot Girl is about doing what’s right for you always.

Rule #5: If it wouldn’t make Megan Thee Stallion proud, don’t do it.

In Megan Thee Stallion we trust, amen.