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The One Zodiac Sign With The Strongest Connection To Their Third Eye

Are you an incredibly intuitive person?

Then maybe you have a strong connection to your Third Eye Chakra.

Chakras are the energy points that run from the base of our spine all the way up to the crown area of the head. There are 7 Chakras, but the one that is the most talked about is the Third Eye. This 6th Chakra is located on the forehead, near the brow line. It’s represented by the color indigo and represents clarity, imagination, intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual perception. According to experts, when you connect to your Third Eye, you feel mental clarity, heightened intuition, clear self-expression, and a sense of bliss.

Each zodiac sign feels a connection to a different Chakra, but there is only one sign that feels the strongest connection to their Third Eye: Cancer.

Being ruled by the Moon, Cancers are quite empathetic, sensitive individuals. This water sign is very much in tune with acknowledging and expressing their feelings. They’re nurturers who have a strong intuition, so they know when and how to take care of people.

However, when their Third Eye is blocked, they will feed into irrationalities and delusions. They are known to be a bit irrational at times. They will feed into their own negative delusions and turn someone into an enemy even without a justifiable cause. They become cold and manipulative, retreating back into their shell and not wanting to express themselves to anyone. When their Third Eye is open and balanced, however, they are unapologetically themselves: nurturing, compassionate, understanding, and loving.