The Partner Each Zodiac Settles For Vs. Who They Actually Deserve


Who you settle for: You’re seriously idealistic and always aim to come out on top—in business and romance. You settle for someone who checks off all your boxes and who looks good on paper but who fails to challenge you. As long as they’re someone you can show off, they’re the perfect partner. You’ll stay in something that doesn’t feel right so as to not rack up a “failure.”

Who you deserve: The “ultimate partner” is boring, Aries. You deserve someone with your same vigorous energy, who will inspire you to push yourself. Someone who won’t hold you down and can keep up with you or who will never mind cheering your adventures on from the sidelines. You’re worthy of all the passion you crave in romance. 


Who you settle for: Someone predictable, whose words, thoughts, and actions you can anticipate. You settle for security over suitability, potentially missing out on the right partner. Your need for comfort denies you of magic. You equate love with stability. But is your relationship stable or stagnant? 

Who you deserve: You’re ruled by Venus and deserve romance out of a movie. Love can be grounding and passionate, Taurus. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on someone who’s exciting and even feels a little bit dangerous. Someone like that can be gentle and stable, too. You deserve someone who challenges you outside your comfort zone. You deserve someone you don’t wish was someone else. Someone who will make you feel.


Who you settle for: You settle for someone you fell for quickly, even knowing they aren’t suitable in the long haul. Someone you were initially drawn to because they seemed daring, cool, and thrilling. You settle for adventure, which sometimes means settling for inconsistency.

Who you deserve: Someone who intellectually stimulates you but also balances you out. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who gives you space to be yourself but also makes you feel grounded. You deserve someone who will keep up with you, but who also knows how to dive into deeper waters.


Who you settle for: You settle for someone you see through rose-colored glasses. You over-romanticize and settle for the idea of someone. You keep hoping they’ll change or that things will go back to the way they were in the beginning. You settle for someone who makes you feel untethered in the name of tragic romance.

Who you deserve: Someone who will wildly sweep you away and who will back up their words with actions. You deserve someone who is as nurturing as you. Cancer, you have a lot of love to give, you deserve someone who reciprocates it without limits and conditions. You deserve someone who makes you feel safe. Someone who assures you that you have a future together.  


Who you settle for: You fall for someone who love bombs you at the beginning. Someone who strokes your ego and great need for compliments. They know just the right words to say, but they’re not always honest. They won you over with flattery and grand gestures, but get jealous sharing you with the spotlight. You settle, convincing yourself they’re your destiny. Just when you’ve finally realized otherwise, they pull you back in. 

Who you deserve: You deserve someone honest and loyal who raises you up—always. Someone who never tries to extinguish your fire. You deserve someone who can see past your sleek and graceful facade and understand that you’re a sensitive soul. You deserve someone who couldn’t be prouder seeing you light up a room. 


Who you settle for: You settle for someone’s potential. For a “fixer upper.” You waste away your love with someone who constantly needs saving, and who leaves you feeling drained and unsupported. You settle for feeling alone with a person who doesn’t carry their weight in the relationship. Someone you find it hard to respect. You settle for someone who takes advantage of your generosity. 

Who you deserve: You deserve a steady love you can rely on. Someone who doesn’t let you suffer in silence. You deserve an equal partner who doesn’t make you feel like you need to protect yourself. You deserve someone who appreciates you. Someone who’s different because they make you feel vulnerable. Feeling exposed can feel scary, but it feels like that because it means something. 


Who you settle for: You settle for a trophy significant other who’s easy on the eyes and knows how to dress themselves. Someone you can take stunning photos with to show off how good you look together. You settle for someone who showers you with attention, but who can’t quite match your emotional depth.

Who you deserve: A real partner. A best friend. You deserve someone you can really talk to and open up to. Someone who can see the real you that no one else has the privilege of getting to know. You deserve the ideal image of love you have in your head. You’re a poet in love, and you deserve someone romantic who will sweep you away.


Who you settle for: You settle for someone you grow to resent. Someone who isn’t good for you, and who knows how to hurt you. You become addicted to the sex…and to the sting. You stay even when you’re unhappy and the connection is lacking. You don’t let go once you’ve made the decision to commit. You convince yourself that this is love. Meanwhile, you yearn for something you tell yourself only exists in books. 

Who you deserve: You deserve a love that is both intense and gentle. An honest love. A love who makes you feel wanted and needed. One who is loyal and devoted. You deserve a love who understands your silences. Who knows when you need space and when to offer their arms for comfort. Someone who reassures you when you feel jealous or insecure. Passion and softness can coexist.


Who you settle for: You settle for a relationship that’s intense at the beginning. For someone who felt dangerous when you first met them. You settle for fun, for someone who allows you your freedom. A “yes” person who always lets you be in control. Someone who eventually bores you with their predictability, but who you stay with just to honor your word. You settle for someone who feels like a hotel, not a home. 

Who you deserve: You deserve a love that provides you consistency and stability without allowing you to sacrifice your independence. Someone who respects your need for space and exploring, but who also grounds you. Someone who may tell you “no,” but who will always show their love through actions. You deserve someone constant who will push you to follow your dreams. Someone who will follow you in your wanderlust. 


Who you settle for: You settle for someone mediocre, who spits on the heart you served on a silver platter. Someone you have to parent and who adds unnecessary stress into your busy life. You attempt to turn something toxic or something that should have remained a fling into something serious. You tell yourself you made your bed and that now you have to lie in it. 

Who you deserve: You deserve someone you can trust and rely on. Someone who will pick up the slack at home, and who will understand your dedication to your ambitions. You deserve security, emotionally and financially. You deserve someone who values integrity and has their own dreams. Someone who will motivate you, but who also knows how to get you out of your head. 


Who you settle for: You fall for someone who felt like new territory in the beginning, a challenge. Someone who allows you your freedom, but who doesn’t inspire you. You settle for someone who makes you feel mentally confined. You trust your heart away to someone who preys on your good nature.

Who you deserve: You deserve a best friend who you can talk to about anything. Someone you share a mutual love of art with. Someone like you deserves a person who is open and who values communication. You deserve someone who respects your autonomy and who you can also achieve healthy codependence with. You deserve someone who will join you on the rollercoaster of a lifetime. 


Who you settle for: You settle for an error in judgment, because even after realizing your mistake, you tell yourself that you can’t do better. It’s hard for you to cut ties once you’ve bonded with someone. You settle for someone you’ve had to adapt to, someone who didn’t make the same kind of room in their life for you. For an ex you’ve given too many second chances to or for someone who’s lost and needs a hero. 

Who you deserve: You deserve someone who provides you the stability you crave without putting you down or being authoritative. Someone who’s sensitive and strong. You deserve someone who will support your dreams without telling you that they’re too much. Someone like you deserves a love that will stimulate your creativity. You deserve a love that is generous and kind. You deserve the kind of romance that inspires poetry.