The Problem With Love Is That We’re Too Afraid To Actually Give It A Chance

The problem with love nowadays is that we either love too deeply or we don’t love at all. 

In a world where it seems like true acceptance is scarce and genuine connections are rare to come by, the problem is that we are either throwing our cards and our heart out with brutal honesty, hoping someone else will fall in love with our true, genuine selves, or we are too scared, hurt, avoidant, and guarded to love or be loved. To give things a chance and put our heart on the line. 

In a time where ghosting seems normal, being closed off seems normal, seeing someone as they are can take lifetimes or might not happen at all. This is how dating works now. 

The problem with love is we think we have all these options when the love we want and even long for is right in front of our very eyes. We often don’t speak our hearts and give up so easily. 

We turn those away who care so deeply and chase the attention of those that only drop us crumbs. The problem with love is that the world we live in has made something so simple and easy into something so complex. Love itself is easy. We are complex, life is complex, situations are complex, people are complex. 

But love, love is safe, love is soft, love is so many different things to different people. Love is time and effort. Love is choosing someone even when it’s not all perfect. 

Love is partnership, friendship, celebrating life’s successes and failures. Life is coasting and riding out the waves of a storm. Love can be sparks, love can be laughter, love can be soft, love can be safe. 

Love can be scary, but wouldn’t you rather take a chance and open your heart than to wake up one day realizing you never really loved at all?