The Season Is Changing And So Are You

The season is changing and so are you. If your days have shifted in color lately, remember that it has never been easy to grow. It has never been easy to leave behind flawed perspectives and chase the truth. You are not alone in feeling apprehensive, in wondering what your future moments hold and how you’ll live them and still be you. But just think—if you’re not actively moving forward, then what was the point of all the pain you lived through? You are meant to revolve like the sun and keep spinning, learning, and loving. 

When you are weary, please remember that you are trying. Weariness is so much more than a feeling, and at times it can enter your bones. If today the weariness is heavy, place yourself in spaces where you can breathe. You need quiet and calm to mend the pain, space to be broken but trying. You don’t have to accomplish everything, even though your day contains minutes that whisper what should be done. Society still clings to its impossible expectations of success and self-worth, but you don’t have to. Maybe you’ve tried to accept the boundaries it draws in the past and love a caged version of yourself, but that shallow love will never be enough. Disappointment will inevitably come in waves, crashing from all around and drowning you whole if you only see your worth through society’s eyes. Do you know who you are without walls? Who you can become without labels? To answer these questions, you have to put aside fear. Maybe you don’t know how to answer them, or maybe you fear that self-love won’t be enough to save you. We all fear judgment from one another, disappointment from loved ones, yearning for our old lives with their comfort and security. 

Just like the sun crosses the horizon, there is a force alive that will fight for you, because the light always comes. It always brings with it the time and space to be free. At the heart of your existence, your fears have no place. Don’t hide your face from greater purpose because you think you already know your place. When you are ready, truth will find you. When you are open, chains that have weighed you down for years will fall. I hope you can see that so much of the heartache you endure comes from being too afraid to move forward. There is strength within you to change when you are ready. When you let go of harmful beliefs that once defined your character, you unlock the most beautiful and inspiring potential within yourself. It’s there, it breathes, and it’s been waiting to be seen. Living small within comfort can only take you so far, can only bring you so much growth and happiness. The season is changing and so are you. The earth is awakening. There is love to be felt and light to be reached, all within your potential.