The Serial Killer Was Known As ‘The Robocop Killer’

In the early 1990s, terror struck the Hudson Valley region of New York. A man by the name of Nathaniel White terrorized and killed seven people, starting in March 1991, and with his final victim being in July of 1992.

In 1991, White committed his first murder after he was accused of abducting a sixteen year old girl. Ultimately, he was given a plea bargain before serving that sentence. He was arrested, and released on parole, when he commited his second murder.

White’s youngest victim disappeared on June 29, 1992, after White offered her a ride, which was seemingly normal because this was his girlfriend’s niece. Christine Klebbe was just fourteen years old. After her disappearance, White showed up to the Garrison family picnic and consoled Klebbe’s relatives by assuring them that she would turn up soon and be just fine.

In total, White had seven victims, if you count one of his vicious attacks on a pregnant woman as well. White was arrested on August 2, 1992. He confessed to the murders of all six women. On August 4, he led police to the bodies of Klebbe, which was dumped off of Echo Lake Road in Goshen, and two other victims who were inside the abandoned farmhouse on Harriman Drive in Goshen.

During questioning, he told authorities “The first girl I killed was from a ‘Robocop’ movie… I seen him cut somebody’s throat then take the knife and slit down the chest to the stomach and left the body in a certain position. With the first person I killed I did exactly what I saw in the movie.”

White was charged with six counts of second degree murder and pleaded not guilty. White was convicted on all counts on April 14, 1993 and sentenced to 150 years to life. His sentence began at Great Meadow Correctional Facility on May 27, 1993.