The Social Anatomy Of A Woman

You see my scars and see my weakest days; I see those same scars and remember when I had to be my strongest.

A woman’s beauty is her strength and grace during her most challenging days. Her strength lies in showing her scars instead of hiding them to show the world what she has been through. Be proud of your scars; be proud of who you are.

You think the arch in my back is because of my age and grace; it is the result of the weight I have carried all my life because I am a woman.

Women carry the weight of the opinions of the world from childhood. Be a good girl/be a good daughter/be a good friend/be a good granddaughter/ be a good niece/ be a good student/be a good wife/be a good mother/be a good sister/be a good aunt/be a good mother/be a good woman… and if she fails at any of those roles, she is considered a failure. Tell me, is that fair?

Time has hardened the once soft hands that have spent years cleaning up after other people’s mess. These tired hands continue to clean for others.

Please take a look at your hands and listen to the stories they are telling you. As women, we spend most of our lives cooking, cleaning, and taking care of others. We put other people and their needs before our own. This is a reminder that it is okay to get tired of always catering to other people and that sometimes we have to prioritize our own needs. I thank my hands every night for everything they continue to do for me.

You heard me say words to soothe your pain and cheer on your every step, but somewhere along the road, I forgot to speak for myself as a woman.

When I was in 7th grade, my teacher caught me talking in class and told me, “Girls are to be seen and admired, not heard.” I learned that as a woman, I should pay more attention to listening and not talk much because it is not preferred. I never really spoke up in college or grad school, for that matter, so, for the majority of my life, I stayed silent and kept my opinions to myself because I was told it was not okay to be heard. I am taking baby steps to speak up for myself and others, but I still struggle. And I must remind myself repeatedly: How will people know if I don’t speak up? So, here is a reminder to all the women: It is our right and responsibility to speak up for ourselves and others.

My eyes were taught to see the truth and beauty in the world, but injustice, sadness, and pain have kept them mostly closed over the years. I must open those eyes first to make change happen.

(Open your eyes.) Life happened over the years, and I slowly stopped fighting for my dreams, goals, and rights. I started to lose the fire I once had within. I wanted to always fight for myself and other women, but I began to give up slowly. Closing my eyes to the world doesn’t stop the terrible things from happening, so the first thing I have to do is open my eyes and see everything that needs to change to start making those changes.

My ears yearn to hear the sweet sound of happiness all around me. I am tired of listening to all the hate, anger, and sorrow. Listen to me when I say this: We are all in this TOGETHER.

We have turned into a generation that likes to talk but doesn’t have the patience to listen. This is a reminder that though it is essential to have your voice be heard, it is also important to give others a chance to talk and listen to them carefully. Make it a habit to listen to others and not just the sound of your voice.