The Strongest Humans Are Familiar With Failure
Samanta Sokolova

The Strongest Humans Are Familiar With Failure

The strongest humans aren’t the ones who have everything come easily to them, who have never gone through a single struggle, who have succeeded on their first attempt and have never had a single doubt about themselves. The strongest humans are the ones who have gotten up as many times as they’ve fallen down. The ones who are filled with doubt but persist through the pain. The ones who push past their failure and continue forward, even if it means taking baby steps.

The strongest humans have experienced failure time and time again, but they haven’t let it slow them down. They’ve continued to follow their dreams because they know the real failure would be giving up on something they so desperately want. No matter how many times they’ve been rejected, they haven’t let their past discourage them. They’ve learned from their experiences. They’ve grown over time. Instead of stubbornly assuming that they’re right and everyone else is wrong, they’ve put effort into becoming a better version of themselves. They’ve made it their mission to do better each time.

The strongest humans are familiar with failure – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for them. They’ve spent nights questioning whether they were wasting their time, whether they were traveling down the wrong path, whether they were lacking the necessary skills to succeed. But they refused to dwell in those doubts. They refused to change their mind about following their dreams based on some uncomfortable thoughts. They decided to keep going, despite the uncertainty, despite the rejection, despite the people who have warned them they’re never going to make it.

The strongest humans are proud of themselves, even when they fail. They aren’t embarrassed about putting their heart and soul into something because their passion is an asset, not a curse. They know that it’s only a matter of time until they reach their goals because they are never going to give up. They are never going to settle for less than they crave. They are comfortable with the idea of hard work, and they are wise enough to know failure doesn’t mean the end of the road. It only means they need to take a minute to rethink and try again. The journey is never over until they say it’s over – and they will keep going forever.

The strongest humans accept that they aren’t perfect. They’re willing to listen and learn every single time that they fail. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves or blaming others for not seeing their greatness, they take a little time to regain their confidence and get back out there as energized as ever. These humans are resilient. They know how to handle failure because they’ve gone through it before. If necessary, they will go through it again. They would rather take a chance on doing something they love than sit around and wonder what would have happened if they took a chance on themselves. The strongest humans might not have succeeded yet – but they’re going to keep at it until their wildest dreams become a reality.