The Trouble With Narcissists

The trouble with narcissists is that they don’t think it will ever happen. They don’t think for a minute that you will get any wiser. They don’t see it coming. They don’t realize that you’re no longer that same naïve person who they met years back.

And that once upon a time, you may have thought the world about them, but you realized that they are the world’s biggest con artists. You may have thought they were special and that they needed extra attention. You would go to extreme lengths to show just how much they mattered in your life and just how much you cared. They thought you owed them, even when you didn’t.

They thought they had you wrapped around their little finger. That they created the plot twists, the mind games, and the conniving lies as they are so insecure.

The trouble with narcissists is that they don’t want to face reality. They don’t want to grow up. They’re too self-indulgent. If they ever do face reality, if they ever see their reflection in the mirror, they would realize the black hole that they are. That nothing really suffices the damage within.

The trouble with narcissists is that they don’t love themselves. They always expect others to do that for them. They feel entitled but they don’t actually feel it. It feels awful. One-fifth truth, four-fifths lies and tragedies, slowly dying, simpering away like a wounded animal. Hence, they seek sympathy and empathy from complete strangers, feeling that they have been wronged. They also seek attention and instant gratification to soothe their inner hurts.

They never understand that people have their own minds, their own thoughts, and that they are their own individuals. They feel that people are an extension of themselves, there for them to manipulate, control to do their bidding, lower down and destroy to boost their self-esteem. They never recognized the hurt they hurl towards others, only to all lead up to their own self-destruction.

The act of love-bombing but then forgetting you afterwards. The act of trying to regain control by placing the blame on you after crossing your own boundaries. The act of expecting you to give them attention when the light should be shone on you. The act of steering conversations away so that you seem less important, less familiar, and above all, less loved. The one-sidedness.

The trouble with narcissists is that they know that they are flawed. They know it more than anyone else, and yet they choose to turn a blind eye and look for someone to love them more than they could ever love themselves and ask for nothing in return.

The trouble with narcissists is that they never ever really loved themselves and probably never really will.