The Truth Is, I’m No Longer Scared Of People Walking Out Of My Life

The truth is, I’m no longer scared of people walking out of my life. I used to be scared of being alone and I used to think that some people were irreplaceable, but over time I realized that when God starts removing some people from your life, he’s opening a new door for you. Maybe being too attached to people was holding you back from truly taking care of yourself. Maybe the gap some people leave will give you more time and space to try new things and meet new people. Maybe your desire to keep people around puts pressure on you to do things you don’t want to do just to please them. 

The truth is, I’m no longer scared of people leaving because I’m starting to understand that it’s not always about me, and even if it is, it’s not always a bad thing. Not everyone will love you and value you the way you want, and these are the situations where letting these people go is better than holding on to them and spending your life wondering why you’re not good enough for them. Maybe someone not reciprocating your love is a blessing in disguise, and maybe wanting someone’s love and attention has nothing to do with them as a person, but it’s a battle with your ego you’re desperate to win. 

The truth is, if you put your ego aside, if you put peer pressure aside, if you truly learn how to find your worth and value without waiting for someone’s validation, you will never be afraid of people walking out of your life. It will not break you the way it used to. It will not make you question yourself anymore, because you don’t need certain people to survive or feel good about yourself. When you leave the door open for those who want to leave because you’re no longer scared of being alone, that’s how you invite the right people in. That’s how you know someone is in your life for the right reasons. That’s how you know that people leaving can bring you peace and joy instead of heartbreak and pain. 

The truth is, the fear of losing people mainly comes from a place of lack and insecurity. It comes from the fear that we’re not good enough or people don’t want us in their lives. Once you get over these insecurities and limiting beliefs, losing people won’t affect you anymore, because I’ve learned that most people who walk out of your life were the wrong people to begin with, and when the wrong people exit your life, the right people and the right things begin to find their way to you. I’m no longer scared of people walking out of my life, I’m more scared of allowing the wrong ones to stay longer than they should.