Taryn Elliot

The Truth Is, It Has Always Been You

I don’t remember the exact moment I knew, but I’ve always been sure about you. Perhaps it’s the way you make people feel seen, or laugh, or smile just about any time of the day.

It could be the way you care about others and the way you want to be of help every time. 

It could be the way you’re always curious and how you’re not afraid to let people know that. You are not afraid to ask questions nor say what you really think.

It could be the way you tell me random positive affirmations. They always hit the spot. They’re a constant reminder that life is just as good as our mindset.

Perhaps it is the way you understand me like nobody else. There is also nobody else in this world who can make me smile and laugh (and cry) like you do. You’ve already memorized the patterns I have unconsciously created myself and work your way to handle those parts that I deem not pretty.

It could be the way you hold my hand when life feels uncertain and nothing seems to be going my way. It is the way you gently remind me that you are there, sometimes even without saying it. It is the way you bring me a sense of relief, a sense of calm.

When I look at you, things just make sense. It’s like I was put here on earth to really love you. The joy and happiness I feel when I’m with you is incomparable. But the liveliness I feel even when we’re apart is also undefinable. I know in my heart that you’ve always belonged in it. A part of you is always with me.

Funny to think that the universe seemed to have found a way to bring us together again — when we’ve finally started feeling whole by ourselves and stopped needing other people to feel validated. I realized that I don’t need you, yet I adore you — your existence, your being, the wholeness of you. 

We have differences, that’s for sure. Some are apparent, while some are disguised. You like to challenge my beliefs, and I don’t always agree with yours, but we always end up learning a thing or two. We have a lot in common yet are so different in many ways, which brings me to a point.

Growth, it’s always been there with you. We wouldn’t be here if there was no advancement of some sort. First showed up in our friendship. You and I were always attracted by substance. There had to be substance, of course, otherwise we would just be wasting time. Talking is energy exchange, and there had to be meaning and value for us to engage in conversations.

Respect is second. We grew to respect each other in the process because we could discuss and talk while understanding what the other one meant, even and most especially when we were still just friends. You and your wit could brighten up any room, and intelligence is what I learned along the way that you displayed. I could just listen to you all day.

Attraction, last. It’s something that we both didn’t want to admit in the beginning but felt plainly even if we didn’t say anything. We were friends. I’ve learned that it is possible to meet someone, understand them, and fall in love without planning on it.

And maybe I was first to realize it (or the first to be vocal about it), but that only makes me regret nothing, because I’m glad I followed my heart.

I can truly say that we have a solid foundation. We both went through so much separately and have come together when we both truly were ready. It was not a walk in the park, but I love our story. We took our time, and that’s how I know that this is real.

I’ve loved you from the very beginning, but I’m still learning how to do it right—this time without attachment, I hope. Because you are your own person and I am my own. And I couldn’t be happier that you’re here now, taking care of me. I’m so lucky to be loved by you.

Whenever I look at you, I am sure. You are my person. And I am in the right place. It is you. It has always been you.