The Truth Is, Vulnerability And Resilience Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

When we talk about two sides of the same coin, we think heads or tails to choose what to do next. I want to give a different definition: the two sides represent opposite possibilities working from the same frame of reference.

The Greater The Risk, the Greater The Reward

If we want to seek opportunities to grow our wealth substantially, we must be open to the opposite possibility of losing it all. When we move towards one end of the spectrum, the other end is becoming more and more possible as well. This is why we hear of people who like to stay in the middle as the majority. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Another example of this is vulnerability and resilience.

Vulnerability & Resilience

Resilience is the notion that there’s some protective mechanism at play to keep us moving up in our lives despite adversity. Although vulnerability can be perceived as the opposite of this, it’s essentially the same mechanism at play. Although resilience is perceived as strength while vulnerability is perceived as weakness by many, the two have an important role to play in how we navigate life. The more vulnerable we are, the more resilient we become as we move through life. If this is confusing, keep reading.

 I once heard a saying that too much of anything is good for nothing. This includes vulnerability, as it makes us susceptible to harm, but also resilience, as it makes us adapt to circumstances that may be negative for us. This forms the crux of the message I’m trying to get across: vulnerability and resilience, not vulnerability vs. resilience. When we embrace both sides, we are more open to experiencing possibilities than most others who view them as opposites. 

Back to two sides of the same coin: being vulnerable and open to change and being resilient to adversity are basically the same thing. One makes us open to the possibility, the other helps us adapt to the possibility. If this is still confusing, here’s the takeaway message: the more vulnerable you are, the more opportunities you have to become resilient as you move through life, because both possibilities are present in every situation you encounter. If you decide to stay in the middle, you are losing out on more than just opportunities, you’ll be missing out on possible versions of you that you aspire to become.