The Truth Is, We’re All Selling Sex

we’re all selling sex, one way or another

we’re all banking on the surging rise of stock market declines of social business that doesn’t align with our survival needs

they set the price, and we say it doesn’t define the worth in our eyes

though the making of the modern, soulfully disfigured man makes plenty enough for the world to keep going round

after all, it is the woman who bends over and does what she is told and reaps the rewards of comfort wrapped up in a security blanket so prickly and deceiving even a blind man can sense the fraudulent textural layers

but what is most interesting is that it doesn’t stop at adults

interesting… no, actually rather twisted and wicked and evil in all the ways man has ruled out in their religious texts and zealous moral books to the scrutiny that surrounds misguided laws created from inebriated men

they say that we must protect the children

that they are the future generation to lead the nations

yet they scar, abandon, neglect, abuse, beat, and bruise more than just the flesh of the young and capture their youthful spirit for ransom

and the bounty held is surely high

what is dead may never die, that is true

but it can take a lifetime and more to gain back pieces of the brain unconfined to the human mind

we search and search

and search and search

for reasons to live and ambitions to love

but who is it all for if not for repurposing the pain inflicted on our psyche to be decorated like walls of a temple

with glass stained, comprised of many unalike parts strung together to sing a song of beauty created from imperfection

so, what does this all have to do with sex?

most of us got here this way, but we aren’t allowed to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life for those who still give themselves permission to desire, anyway

not in open free reign, certainly not in certain geographical domains where Christ or Allah reigns supreme and the supreme court deems a human being deluded to their own passions

asking far too much of God, a sin for even wanting and subject to repentance or worse for plotting on

do we truly have mastery over our own minds if we can’t fully be in our bodies without rights given by man?

signed by men who think foul of us all and laugh at our lack of political power

because to them, we can’t move masses and instigate massive social movements

yet that is where they are wrong

they can try to break our spirit

control our minds

mark and security tape our bodies for access to the highest bidder

but what they cannot and will not understand is that we’re all selling sex in some way

and they’ve dominated for quite some time on the physical realm

there must be balance, a yin to life’s yang playing out at all times

i wonder how great the trumpets will sound at the time of harvest for every living soul to lay bare their convictions and fantasies on display for all to see

it’s not a matter of if, it’s when,

will the cruel and unjust be just as removable from society as the hungry masquerading as thieves and the gay man hiding away his lust for a regime committing sexual crimes against humanity in plain, blurry sight?

who knows

one can only hope