The Truth Is, We’re Not Star-Crossed Lovers I Thought We Were

I was sure about us. 

I was ready to walk a tightrope, blindfolded, towards you. I saw your hand reaching out, waiting for mine in my mind’s eye. I was ready to walk a hundred tight ropes just to find out you were never on the other end. 

I thought I felt you radiate with love for me. And so I poured out the contents of my existence just to let you feel the same way. It broke my heart to realize how far out of my reach you always were. 

I told myself it was the right person, wrong timing. Maybe you were too young to settle down . Maybe you’d realize I was the one for you and come running back. Unfortunately for me, you’re on to bigger and better things. 

I’d spend hours wondering if you reminisced about me. Wondering if you thought I was the one who got away. I’d forgotten how easily you pushed me away. How much happier you seemed after doing so. 

It was you or no one else. I don’t remember how it turned into anyone else but you. The possibility of “us” went from definite to probable to unlikely. How could I be so sure of something so weak? My faith in you slowly faded into thin air. Now I wonder if I made you up.

I wish I’d come to a better conclusion about us. It was so much easier to blame it on the stars. At least then I could pretend that in a parallel universe, we had a chance at lasting forever. However, if we were star-crossed lovers, you wouldn’t have made me feel this lonely. 

I’d tell you that maybe we’ll get it right into another life. But now I know that we never will. It will never be you and me.