The Truth Is, You Don’t Have To Go Through Your Healing Journey Alone

I’ve been on a healing journey. One that I thought I needed to go through alone. One that I didn’t think I could fully succeed in if I had any distractions. I’ve been on this journey for a while now and it turns out that having people in your corner really helps. 

I thought that my healing would falter or suddenly stop if I didn’t continue on my own. I was scared to let someone in when I was still harboring so much pain. The truth is, healing from bad experiences and facing your own demons becomes a little easier to do if you’ve got someone mirroring them back to you. It becomes unavoidable. Unavoidable and painful. But you’re given two choices—to deal with them head on and address what hurts or pretend they don’t matter and tell yourself that what you’re feeling isn’t important. 

From what I discovered on my rocky path to healing, there will be a lot of emotional triggers, and more often than not they will surprise you. If you’re battling insecurities from past relationships or struggling with your own mental health, what triggers you can feel insignificant in the moment but evidently cause you a great deal of uncomfortable emotions. That unpleasantness is good. It means there’s something wrong, and it’s your body’s way of letting you know what needs to be fixed. So take note of it. Feel it. Talk about it. Don’t let it go unnoticed, and don’t let it build toxic roots in your soul. In order to heal, you need to feel. 

And I hope you find someone who you can really talk with. Someone to offer support—emotional or otherwise. Sometimes that person is the very same person that unwittingly held up the mirror in the first place, shining a bright light on things within yourself that you didn’t even know you needed to mend. And if you can find someone who sticks with you during the triggers and the unpleasantness, then you have found someone who will help your healing, not hurt it. Someone who understands that you’re still working on yourself and there’s still a way to go. Someone who accepts your past and all the insecurities and trauma that comes with it. 

If you’ve got someone and you’re not finished healing, the journey won’t stop if you don’t let it; it won’t falter. If you’ve got someone and you’re not finished healing, let them help you. Use their presence as a guide to map out where your weak spots lie and get stronger. Grow together. Heal together. Doing it alone doesn’t mean the healing will somehow be more effective. It doesn’t hold any less significance if you’ve got a passenger along for the ride. Just feel your way through it and rebuild.