Alex Mihai C

The Weirdest Thing About You, Based On Your Birth Order

Weirdness isn’t an insult. It’s what makes us unique. It’s what keeps us interesting. Here is the ‘weirdest’ thing about you, based on your birth order:

Only Child

You spend a huge chunk of time talking to yourself. When you’re alone in your car or are simply going about your day in the privacy of your own home, you find yourself listing out the things on your to-do list and making comments about the people you’re watching on TV and seeing on the internet. Sometimes, you pretend that other people are listening to you, too. You might pretend that you’re getting interviewed while you’re in the shower or that you’re on Top Chef when you’re cooking dinner. Everything that you do, you find a way to turn it into a fake reality show or YouTube video.

Oldest Child

Maybe it’s because your parents expected you to be the responsible one while growing up (or maybe you’ve seen one too many horror movies), but you’re always on the lookout for trouble. Wherever you go, you’ll look around the room in order to find the exit in case of an emergency, and you’ll play out scenarios in your head where you’re the savior of the day when things go wrong. You’ll picture yourself as being the one everyone turns to in an emergency. You’ll also check behind the shower curtain whenever you use the bathroom to make sure that no one is secretly hiding out, watching you. Better safe than sorry.

Middle Child

You spend a lot of time on social media – looking at your own posts. You like to scroll through your feed and imagine what other people must be thinking when they see each one of your pictures and posts. Maybe you’re wondering what your crush would be thinking, or maybe you’re wondering what a complete stranger would assume without any outside knowledge of you, but you enjoy making guesses. And speaking of the internet, you also have a habit of filling your online shopping carts to the brim – and then exiting out of the page without buying a single thing. If you were rich, you would order everything on your list. But since you’re not, it’s mostly just for fun.

Youngest Child

You burst out laughing at the most inconvenient times. You have a vivid imagination, so you spend a lot of time daydreaming about different things when you should be focusing on something else entirely. And those daydreams aren’t always positive. You have a bad habit of  faking fights in your head. You picture all of the genius comebacks that you would use if someone you cannot stand started arguing with you – and you end up working yourself up even though the words never actually came out of their mouth. Sometimes, you’ll walk around super pissed about a situation you made up inside your own head.


You love pretending that you’re in the middle of a movie or music video. That’s why you’ll blast moody music while you’re dreamily staring out the car window, and listen to badass music while you’re working out. Sometimes, you might even pretend that you are one of your favorite characters. You’ll take on some of their personality traits and use some of their quotes because you want to be like them that badly.